The UN and Islam

I just saw this press briefing on an upcoming United Nations-sponsored day against Islamophobia.

UN sets March 15 as International Day to Combat Islamophobia (AP)
Editor’s Note: “The representative of Pakistan, introducing the resolution calling for establishing the International Day to Combat Islamophobia, said Islamophobia has emerged as a new form of racism that includes, among others, discriminatory travel bans, hate speech and the targeting of girls and women for their dress,” the UN stated in a press release.

“Global action will help counter increasing acts of violence against Muslims and Muslim communities around the world,” Guyana’s representative added. “However, the representative of France noted that Islamophobia has no agreed definition in international law.”

This is another smokescreen diversionary action by the UN. They know radical Islam is the number 1 source of religious violence in the world, and they know that in recent years the legitimate criticism of Islam, as well as radical Islamic terrorism, has been greatly increasing. Pro-Islam advocates in the UN wish to nullify this criticism by dismissing it as hate speech, as “Islamophobia.”

The problem isn’t “violence against Muslims”, it’s acts of Islamic-backed violence against non-Muslims that are the real scourge! And the number one victim of Islamic violence is Christians! I will care about so-called Islamophobia when Muslims stop raping, shooting, stabbing, hanging, and blowing up Christians!

The UN is pathetic. It has far outlived its usefulness. When China can chair the Human Rights Committee at the UN and Iran can chair a committee on peace it’s obvious the UN only serves to appease totalitarian regimes, thugs, butchers, and genocidal madmen. All sponsored, I should add, by US taxpayer money! The level of hypocrisy is ridiculous.

Groups like CAIR in America work to slowly condition the non-Islamic populace to accept Islamic norms and prepare the way for eventual sharia law.

Here‘s a great piece by David Littman on the pro-Islam sentiment and utter hypocrisy of the UN.

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