Jesus is Lord يسوع هو الرب

Here is a great Christian worship song, “Jesus is Lord!” in Arabic (tarneema) performed by Roge Bahu. Peace of Jesus Christ! سلام المسيح يسوع

Click here for the Gospel in Arabic! Here is an excellent article explaining how Jesus is the promised Messiah, using Islamic sources!

The Lord’s Prayer in Arabic

2 responses to “Jesus is Lord يسوع هو الرب”

  1. Orthodoxy is not “a” church, “a” denomination. Orthodoxy is “the” Church with the definite article T H E. Jesus did not found churches or denominations. It is the West which is far from the culture, mentality, tradition and customs of the environment where the Gospel was revealed instead of adapting themselves to the Spirit of the Gospel, they interpreted it according to their own mentality. In my early 20s I went to France to study. My first feeling as a young Palestinian was at every time I go to Church I was able to visualize the narrated events and the locations that I am familiar with as I grew up in the same environment. I felt the gospel speaks to me more clear than other faithful worshippers around me.
    The word Syrian derives from the word Syriac because the early language of the people of the Fertile Crescent was the Aramaic which is the language that Jesus Christ spoke. In 2019, I visited Syria and went to Ma’aloula a village where people are still speaking the same language before the Arab invasion took place in the seventh century. The Gospel was translated into thousands of languages. What happened in the West is the same what had happened in Babylon when people wanted to build the tower to be saved from a possible other flood despite that God showed the rainbow a sign of no more floods, and that i
    Was different from the day of Pentecost when many pilgrims who came to Jerusalem from different nations and were able to understand the language of the men of Galilee. That’s why Christianity in the west reflects division rather than unity, chaos and confusion rather than harmony. On every corner in the US we see a store that they call a church, and every preacher sells different demagogy.


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