Deus Vult: A Call for a New Crusade

I implore all Christians near and far
To listen and see this old scar

Twas 13 centuries ago that Islam did rise
It’s a doctrine of demons that I do despise

The madman Mohammed had created a cancer
Oh what a monster

He was no prophet of God
Nothing but a fraud

The words of the unholy Qur’an
Are Satanic ramblings of a degenerate man

By the sword, it spread
Until many Christians lay dead

Churches were destroyed, priests and bishops killed
Women were raped, made into sex slaves, and blood spilled

The Middle East used to be ruled by the Cross
Oh how much has been lost

This cruel and barbaric Islamic beast
On Christendom it did feast

One Christian country after another fell
Finally, after 3 centuries, Pope Urban II rang the bell

He called for a holy Crusade
To come to Christians’ aid

And rid the Holy Land of the foul stench of Islam
Many brave men heard the alarm

They fought the Saracens by horse and on their feet
Christian knights wouldn’t rest until victory was complete

Many battles were won and lands freed
Multitudes died on their steed

The fighting raged for centuries unabated
Why were Christians so hated

Because we stood for the truth
Christ is divine forsooth

Finally, Constantinople fell
This signified the Christian East’s death knell

Muslims tried in vain to conquer Western Europe several times
A vast multitude of Christian men sacrificed their lifetimes

Now Islam is still a scourge upon the earth
Sowing misery and destruction since its birth

New generations have taken up Jihad
These Muslims attack innocents and do bombard

Let’s cut off the Islamic Serpent’s head
The once mighty Caliphate lay dead

I call upon all Christian men from around the world
To once again pick up the sword

We must all unite
And hit Islam with all our might

Use every modern weapon at our disposal
To retake the Holy Land for Christ, this is my proposal

We can make the Middle East Christian again
With not a single mosque or madras left within

The Hagia Sophia will again sing
Chants praising Christ’s name we shall soon be hearing

I may not see it in my life
But there will be a day with no more strife

When Christ returns to Earth
And all evil, including Islam, collapses as He reigneth

On that day we shall finally be free
Of Satanic Islam and Muslim tyranny

So do not despair brethren
We are bruised, but not beaten

Islam may make you a martyr
But let not your faith falter

In Christ, we have the final and complete victory
I know that my Redeemer liveth, I’m truly happy

In the future, Islam will be a distant memory
Just a footnote in Satan’s history

Nota Bene: This poem has 33 stanzas. One for each year of Christ’s life on earth!

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2022

7 responses to “Deus Vult: A Call for a New Crusade”

  1. We don’t take by the sword. This is western mentality to take by the sword which is the opposite of our Lord, God and savior Jesus Christ’s teachings who said pray for your enemies. Remember the lapidarian of the protomartyr Stephen. Remember the zealot Saul why he was going to Damascus etc. look what’s going on in Jesus land since 1948. 74 years of continuous ethnic cleansing, invading of churches, attack of faithful and chasing them out of their homes with the help of the so called Christians of the west in all kinds of help financially, militarily and politically.

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    • If Islam can take the sword to steal Christian lands, we Christians can take the sword to win them back! Otherwise, Islam can keep stealing Christian lands unabated!


  2. I agree with you Zak! Maybe if Trump gets re-elected he will show those stupid Taliban that America is no one to mess with! That’s right show those stupid terrorists who the real God truly is!


  3. This is a mad mix of poor geopolitics and severely inappropriate theology. Firstly the invasion of Europe is not being advanced by terrorists but by westerners like George Soros (a Jew) who wants open borders for his own political and financial agenda. Of course given that the lands from which the thousands of immigrants come are largely Muslim then there are a majority of Muslims trying to take advantage of weak leadership here by coming illegally. Secondly when the US has promoted a lie- the lie of the Islamic terrorist – I mean surely you know that the 9/11 event was an inside job (as Architects and Engineers for 911 truth will tell you those buildings were demolished not attacked), they lose all moral authority. Since then the US invaded Iraq, warred against Syria, murdered Gaddafi and laid his country waste, bombed Somalian this year and Sudan and of course messed up Afghanistan. You may think that Islamic terrorists are all around because this is what the powers that rule us find convenient to promote to keep you submissive and compliant. The fact is, the vast majority of the supposed attacks, bombings or shootings are nothing of the sort. You need to read Ole Dammergard’s writing/watch his videos that easily dismiss this notion and tell you why. Even if there was a case and Islam is a terrible religion, taking up the sword is the antithesis of a Christian approach. Time to think again Zach.


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