Whiteface: Part of a Larger Narrative

I don’t personally care much for Disney movies. I don’t think people are so angry because of this one specific movie, the Little Mermaid, which is due out this year, where a black actress, Halle Bailey, is used for a historically white role. But this has snowballed in recent years. More and more white roles are being cast for people of color. In recent years Disney cast Rachel Zegler, a Latina, in the role of Snow White in 2021. A character whose name literally indicates she is white! A few years ago Disney made a live-action Cinderella movie with a black actress cast as Cinderella. This is part of a larger process of erasing white identity while simultaneously lauding non-white races. White genocide is a real thing.

We also saw this in the latest Amazon offering The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, a TV show where elves and hobbits were cast for people of color. Even though this goes against Tolkien’s authorial intent vis-à-vis introducing foreign elements into the Tolkien cosmology. If it isn’t a big deal to miscast according to race, why are there no black roles being portrayed by white actors? You know if that were to happen there would be near-universal outrage and condemnation by BLM, NAACP, the mainstream media, etc. So for me, it’s the double standard that is the most galling. Positive discrimination benefits people of color, and negative discrimination against white people. It’s sickening!

I’ve noticed increased hostility and even outright hatred for white people, for our mammoth achievements, for our history which they revise, to portray us as this evil race.

I’d say there is more racism directed against whites by blacks, Latinos, and Asians in America than there is racial animus for any other racial group. It just keeps snowballing and getting worse every year.

You know for a fact if Tom Cruise had been cast as Muhammad Ali in a movie there would be a universal condemnation of his casting! I’m really sick and tired of the egregious and glaring double standards. Black empowerment and even black superiority over whites and their supremacy are much lauded in academia, in popular entertainment, in Big Business, and in the mainstream media. Yet if one mentions white supremacy it has a negative connotation that people have a visceral reaction to. Even just a discussion of our accomplishments and it’s suddenly about the KKK and those evil white Christian nationalists.

In public education and academia, our children and grandchildren are being taught that whites are to blame for pretty much every modern problem that exists! And for every historical evil.

These various issues I’ve discusses represent an erosion of white identity. How dare these racist bigots to say that all white people have internalized racism, or that I somehow benefit from something called white privilege!

We must not let race hucksters and hate mongers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others divide us and pit us against each other! Diversity and inclusion are destroying our country!! SAY NO MORE!!! FIGHT BACK!!

2 responses to “Whiteface: Part of a Larger Narrative”

  1. Ghengis Khan was played by a white man, Cleopatra was played by a white woman, Othello was played by a white man, and even Jesus himself has been played by white men. Not to mention when Ghost In The Idea Shell came out, the mainstream is actress was played by Scarlett Johannsen. Robert Downey Jr was a black man in Tropic Thunder. There is a long history of white actors playing traditional roles of minorities, and most of them are historical figures! I don’t really care one way or another what person plays any roles as long as they play the role well. However, I don’t think its right for you to be using a double standard here of getting outraged over minorities playing white roles but then you don’t get outraged over white people playing minorities. Personally,I believe whoever is best for the job should get the role,regardless of skin color. Furthermore, there is no “White genocide”. That is a lie kinists say and kinism is damnable heresy.


  2. I would say that there’s more prejudice against whites than Against blacks! We need to stop catering to the ultra sensitive media! I’m opposed to any kind of supremacy!


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