Month: June 2011

  • Boycott NBC – removed "under God" from Pledge of Allegiance

    During the recent U.S. Open broadcast this past Sunday, in the beginning of coverage NBC Sports division blatantly removed the words “under God” twice from the pledge of allegiance! As a Christian I am outraged by this slight. How dare they do this. And the lukewarm apology which was issued was very weak. Who is […]

  • A case against Obama

    By every single metric people are worse off and suffering more now under Obama than they did under Bush. The only one’s who are actually doing better are the hyper rich. Obama took trillions in stimulus and bailout money and gave it to his Wall Street banker buddies who turned around and either invested it […]

  • Rude NYU grad student – Hermon Raju

    Hermon Raju – obnoxious train passenger! In this video, here’s an archived copy, we see an Indian woman, Hermon Raju, get into an angry altercation with a train conductor. Ms. Raju boarded a Metro North train in Westport, Connecticut heading to New York. She was talking very loud on her cellphone and using profanity, passengers […]

  • Review – Body of Lies

    Review of the film Body of Lies (2008) – directed by Ridley Scott This film didn’t surprise me since I already saw Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven” which was the “Pearl Harbor” (Michael Bay) of Crusader history. The reviewer who says Scott gives fair treatment of both sides must not be familiar with his work. “Kingdom […]