Month: November 2010

  • A Poem

    perception variableshifting like the windreality yields a new consciousnessno, a new beinggenesis blinding wavespenetrate the mindilluminating hidden truths potential unlockedevolvedtransformation achieved a new realityunknown to mostthe last frontier searching for truthvagaries of indoctrinationthe familiar is profane mesmerizingshockingto behold a waking dreamfrozen by timeparadigms collapse going deeperpast fearconnecting the old worldforgottena lie a solitary pathto voyageto…

  • Duel at Dawn

    Katana bladesGlisten in dawn’s awakeningWarriors bound by honorThe world falls awaySenses heightenedMuscles coiled like vipersAncient ritualCivilized barbarismMan is a wicked thingIf one must dieThis is a noble pathOne lunges forwardTempered steel whistlesA flick of the wristAnd his fate is sealedThe arterial sprayBlankets the snowy groundCrimson dropletsPoetry in motionA samurai fallsBut his soul is free

  • faith and reason

    Posted a comment on Darlene Egelhoff’s blog Wonderful blog post Darlene! I studied physics at Carnegie Mellon University (before my mental illness struck) and I *love* science. The great lie of the so-called New Atheists (people like the insufferably arrogant and condescending Richard Dawkins!) is that one must reject theism to be accepted as a…