Month: October 2021

  • Baptism

      I am a credobaptist. That means I believe that a believer should only be baptized once they come to genuine faith in Christ following repentance and acceptance of the Gospel. This is known as believers’ baptism.The opposing viewpoint is paedobaptism.This is known as infant baptism, here a young child is baptized whilst still an […]

  • The Mission (1986) – Updated film review

    This is my second review of the 1986 film “The Mission”. It is much more extensive than my original review, which is also posted here on my blog. IMDB: RELEASED: October 31st, 1986 RUNTIME: 2 hours GENERAL PLOT: 18th century Spanish Jesuits in Paraguay, South America, try to protect a remote South American Indian […]

  • Say no to Harry Potter!

    The Harry Potter books/movies use spells adapted from actual magic spells, and contain the names of actual demons! It is a gateway for our kids and grandkids into the occult. We should burn the Harry Potter books and melt the DVDs of the movies! Filth. Look how it spread as a worldwide phenomenon and made […]

  • Death of the Apostles

    Most of the Apostles of the New Testament died as martyrs, knowing even as their bodies would fall asleep, they would rise with Christ! Here is a list of how the Apostles died. If you have corrections or further details to add please leave a comment! 1. Matthew. Suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, Killed by a […]

  • Capitalism Defended

    According to increasingly many Democrats in America, who fancy themselves as ‘Democratic Socialists’, the free market, using capitalist principles, has brought oppression, racism, income inequality, and poverty. This is a popular refrain from socialists like AOC, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Is the free market actually guilty of so much evil? Not at all! While […]

  • William Tyndale defended

    Catholic apologists online, make a habit, I’ve noticed, of discrediting the great Reformed Martyr William Tyndale. They use fraudulent revisionist history to do this. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen Catholics dismiss Tyndale’s work as 3rd rate or “riddled with errors”. The truth is that Tyndale was a consummate scholar and ranked as […]