Month: July 2010

  • Quake Live medal munificence

    Two days ago I played in a Quake Live match and I scored a total of 35 achievement medals! An all time high for me. 15 Excellent and 20 Humiliations. And I led all players in the match in those two types of medals as well. w00t!

  • PhotoShop fun

    My first real photoshop creation!

  • For a Few Dollars More (1965)

  • Gauntlet Supremacy!

    I just bested my previous all time best gauntlet performance of a few hours ago of 17 with an epic 27 gauntlet kills! That is 27 of 45 frags so I played an entire full match and had 60% of my kills from gauntlet!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! I dare my fellow Quake Live players to best this…

  • Gauntlet domination!

    I have achieved a new personal best using the gauntlet in Quake Live! 17 of my 32 frags (kills I inflicted) were with gauntlet – 53%! If you look under the “Hum” column (Humiliations – when you kill someone with the gauntlet) you will see it. I am player hyperyoda. WOO HOO! I also got…

  • My new demotivator image!

  • Netrek is not trending very well

    My favorite game, Netrek, could use some more people searching for it on Google 🙂

  • A great Quake Live match!

    Note the 9 Excellent Awards this is for killing 2 or more people within 1 minute.

  • To my friend Stefan on his happy day :)

    Oh noble son of AustriaSoon ye shall depart Onwards to GermanyTo study the highest art Days will pass swiftlyAnd finally even years As you delve into mathematicsShed no tears Return one day you shallMost learned and astute To the glorious hills of AustriaWelcomed by the lute — by Zachary Uram, (c) 2010

  • GaGa – GagGag

    I’m so tired of seeing her CONSTANTLY seeking attention and dressing in these ridiculous outfits at her concerts. In interviews she talks about how she wants to focus on her music, fine go do that and stop this frivolous idiocy! Here is some proof of her artistic genius. Maddonna did all this before and it…