Month: March 2014

  • My theological beliefs

    Christ Crucified by Diego Velázquez, 1632 Theology = Covenantal BaptistDenomination = Baptist, ReformedTheology Proper, Nature of God = TrinitarianGod’s Will = DecretivePreceptive Christology = Hypostatic UnionPneumatology = MonergismSoteriology = Sovereign Grace AloneLords Supper = Celebration of God’s GraceLapsarian = Undecided, think that we can’t really know God’s mind on thisHamartiology = Original SinAnthropology = Total, […]

  • My struggle

    my thoughts raceat the speed of lightdisjointed fragments whiz by weighed downin a heavy abysslethargy and fatigue reign a heavy malaisewashes over mei feel numb hallucinations torment mereality is an illusionan untrusted mind dissociation comesi am drowningin a sea of dreams an unknown sadnessprofound and unendingi ask why anxiety comesparalyzing mewith fear and dread delusions […]

  • Four Blood Moons

    Pastor John Hagee now has this wacky Four Blood Moons theory he’s pushing, and gullible Christians are gobbling it up! He is founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. It’s a megachurch. Hagee was on Fox News and Glenn Beck talking about his new book about it. In this book Hagee asserts that based […]