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  • Christ the King

    Hail Christ the KingThe Lord of LordsIt is His praises I sing Born in a humble manger so smallHe would redeem manFrom the curse of the Fall He is fully God and fully manBecause of loveHe enacted the Father’s plan Man was lost in sinWe needed a Savior to ransom usA holy propitiation Christ came […]

  • Protoevangelium of James

    This work is spurious, it is a total forgery, and was not written by the Apostle James. It dates to at the earliest the mid-2nd century, that is 150 years after the last Apostle John died! It is a pseudepigraphical work that purports to give information on Jesus’ early life and Mary His mother’s life […]

  • Mary and Joseph had sex

    Joseph and Mary had sex after Jesus was born. Scripture says so. There is no biblical evidence for the perpetual virginity of Mary. It is an ad hoc Catholic and Orthodox dogma alien to Scripture. The Bible mentions Jesus’ brothers and sisters! When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord […]

  • How should we worship God? RPW vs NPW

    Background The RPW (regulative principle of worship) is deeply flawed and problematic. It holds that everything which is not explicitly commanded or practiced in Scripture is forbidden. I believe it is overly restrictive, and the way many employ it is legalistic. I favor the NPW (normative principle of worship) over the RPW. Anything which is […]

  • The Christian fish symbol

    The fish was used in the Early Church to identify oneself as a Christian. Until the late 4th century Christianity was illegal in the Roman Empire and punishable by death. So Christians had to be cautious and take protective measures to avoid detection by the authorities. The acrostic ICHTHUS (ΙΧΘϒΣ) identifies Jesus Christ as God’s […]

  • Transgender insanity

    It is a simple biological fact that you cannot change your sex. Gender = biological sex. There are only 2 sexes, male and female, and thus only 2 genders. This has been the accepted wisdom until the past 20-25 years. Slowly, but surely, as the LGBT movement has grown and become powerful and widely accepted […]

  • Advent Poem

    It’s time for Christmas mirthChrist has won us second birth One of the most amazing events in historyCome see baby Jesus in the nativity The God-Man has been incarnatedWe should be elated He will go on to defeat death and sinIt’s our salvation He shall win So rejoiceLift up your voice In a humble manger, […]

  • Politics in America: Destructive, Divisive and Demonic

    The following is a discussion I had today with a friend on Facebook. She is a Reformed believer. I initially posted: I’m absolutely disgusted by politics! I refuse to waste another second of my life discussing Republicans or Democrats! With the Republican support in Congress for the so-called same-sex marriage bill, the bill was able […]

  • Some Thoughts on the Lord’s Day

    Oh what a mysteryThat the Creator of the universeShould humble HimselfAnd incarnate as a man Who can fathom thisMiracle of miraclesThe omnipotent and sovereign GodAs a creature What depths of loveDrove the God-Man to usTo redeem wretched mankindSuch love is eternal Born to a virginChrist lived among usHe was sinless, perfect in every wayHe experienced […]

  • The Reformed view of salvation

    Salvation is utterly an act of GodMan has no partGod chose the Elect before the world beganWe were selected, not on merit, from the start The natural man is totally depravedDue to original sin from Adam’s FallWe have hearts of stoneWe can’t respond to a Gospel call Apart from GodMan would lay dead in his […]