Month: January 2014

  • Winter Morn

    I step outInto a white landscapeThe earth blanketedBy a frosty embraceIn the morning lightNew fallen snow glimmersDazzling like diamondsI breathe in cold air,It stings my lungsI feel alive and vitalDelicate snowflakes fallBeautiful architectureWonderfully made by GodSuch frozen symmetryThe snow is crispAs I slowly walkIt crunches under footThe streetlight shinesSnow shimmers beneathThe yellow lightMay our faithBe […]

  • Just say no to marijuana!

    John Piper is absolutely correct! Marijuana is totally wicked and it is illegal. It alters the mind and is extremely dangerous. Also it has been proven that marijuana is a gateway drug which leads to other types of drug abuse. And it impairs cognition and short term memory. Marijuana puts your brain into what is […]

  • False teachers

      These wolves preying on the Body of Christ truly disgust and infuriate me! These wicked false teachers live lavish millionaire lifestyles off the backs of poor people hoping for healing or financial prosperity. So much greed! They have their riches now, but when they die they will surely face the fires of Hell!   These […]