Month: January 2011

  • cute Farmville bug

    Farmville made my heart castle HUGE!

  • LinkedIn Connections Map

    Pretty cool new feature from LinkedIn lets you visualize your connections and their relationships to you. Here is mine:

  • Islam needs a major reformation

    Islamic terrorists do not exist in a vacuum. They get material support in myriad ways from so-called moderates. This is indisputable fact which global intelligence agencies all confirm. There are Islamic leaders with widespread support across multiple nations. That is the popular excuse to blame all actions of Jihadists on oppressive regimes and it is…

  • DO YOU LIKE FRIED CHICKEN??!!!!!!!11111111111

    DO YOU LIKE FRIED CHICKEN??!!!!!!!11111111111 Answer here

  • Beginning

    I finally start work on my Bach website!in reference to: Jesu Juva (view on Google Sidewiki)

  • Gooble! Gobble!

    I purchased a cool turkey costume in Farmville for 100,000 coins.   TURKEY POWER!!!  

  • The Mathematics of Netrek

      About the authors Dan Eastwood is a biostatistician at the Medical College of Wisconsin who has been playing netrek sporadically for about 3 years. Zachary Uram studied physics at Carnegie Mellon University and now works in the IT field. He’s been playing netrek near continuously (only a 1 year hiatus) since 1994. He  has…

  • I'm a teetotaler!

    No thanks! I don’t like the bitter taste of alcohol. And remember, if a Christian imbibes it must be only if the following two conditions hold: One drinks in moderation (never drunk). You don’t drink around a weaker brother if it will cause him to stumble.

  • Wild Ones

    Besides Farmville, the other Flash-based Facebook game I love playing is Wild Ones: My character is a rabbit and recently I acquired the coveted samurai outfit which will give me -15% damage reduction! As you can see, I have a pet reindeer, he picks up health and gift boxes for me 🙂

  • Good News

    “Good News” In the GardenMan did Fall Lost to SinSatan cast a black pall Separated from GodSo holy and righteous Our folly of prideDesiring and covetous The seduction of knowledgeAnd self-sovereignty Because of thisWe did flee Earth twas coveredIn gloom and despair Brother killed brotherWithout a care Mercy was shownA covenant made Keeping the lawObservances…