God With Us


Three kings from the East
Followed the Star
They traveled far

The Star stopped
Above a manger so bright
It radiated light

Eventually they arrived
At Bethlehem in the northwest
They brought their best

Gold, frankincense and myrrh
Gifts for the newborn King
Angelic hosts did sing

Shepherds tending their sheep
Saw angels appear
They said to not fear

The choirs of angels praised
The Son of God just born
On a frosty early morn

Great joy they did proclaim
Christ the Messiah had arrived
Man would soon be revived

Man was lost in sin
He needed a redeemer
Jesus would bring eternal favor

Jesus grew
And soon was a man
He began the Triune God’s plan

He taught in Galilee
Traveled south to Judea too
Jesus’ renown soon grew

The Pharisees and High Priest
Wanted Him dead
Christ would die in our stead

He endured a cruel scourging
The crowd did ridicule and mock
Jesus endured – the great Rock

Pilate found no fault
Christ was sentenced to death
He’d soon draw His last breath

The spotless Lamb hung
On the Cross for our sin
He was our propitiation

He gave up His spirit
The Holy of Holies’ curtain split
Thus began Christ’s transit

He appeared in Hell
And preached to the lost souls
He won their paroles

Space and time stood still
Light blasted from His tomb
Now alive was the Bridegroom

Christ conquered death
We join Him with our second birth
The truth behind Christmas mirth

So trust in Christ alone
Your sins will be imputed to Him
Rejoice in this glorious anthem

You’ll receive His perfect righteousness
No longer will you perish
You’re redeemed, no more anguish

So repent today
Hear the Gospel and believe
No longer can you Satan deceive

by Zachary Uram (c) 2021

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