The Full Armor of God

This poem is about putting on the full armor of God, as delineated in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Tis the Devil I fight today
I will battle him without delay

Not by my own might
By God’s power that serpent will seek flight

I can do nothing by my power
But all can be done as Christ’s soldier

Don the helmet of salvation to discern spiritual manipulation
You won’t be in a spiritual depression

We put on the full armor of the Lord
And wield the Word of God, the Spirit’s Sword

The breastplate of Christ’s righteousness
Preserves us from Satan’s deadliness

With the belt of truth
We resist Satanic deception forsooth

The shield of faith protects us from doubt
With it, unbelief we shall rout

Our feet will be covered by the Gospel of peace
Even in troubled times we can find solace

And so we have on the full armor of God
Our victory is assured

6 responses to “The Full Armor of God”

  1. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal” in Ephesians 6, all of the armor is defensive except for the sword, and that is a short sword, mostly used for deflecting blows and close quarters “stabbing”. We should remember people are not the enemy, Untruth and Deception are. And our “attacks” should be application of the Word of God to individual situations in our lives and the communication we have with those whom we would free from the stronghold of Satan’s captivity (2 Tim 2.24-26), specific and sharp to the point as to be easily and clearly understood.
    The 2 cor 10 is about the battle for OUR minds and hearts against thoughts and imaginations that oppose the “rule of god” in them. We should never see ourselves in “Battle” with people or for that matter with Satan. We turn that over to God and Jesus. We deal with ideas, hearts and minds with the “sharper than a two edged sword” Word of God we’ve been provided with. Just my 2 cents. – Barabbas


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