Lordship Salvation

If Christ be your Savior
He must also be your Lord

On this crucial point
There must be one accord

If you truly love Jesus
You’ll do as He said

Following His commandments
Will not cause dread

According to Free Grace proponents
We can be saved apart from repentance

This is Satanic folly
What wicked arrogance

Without following Christ’s Law
We can have no assurance of salvation

We shall merely live wantonly
Without sanctification

Such an antinomian view I detest
Was Christ’s death not worth our obedience?

This is a lie from Hell
God demands our obsequiousness

So dear Christian
What will you do?

Live for Christ
Or the narrow way you will eschew

If you are lukewarm
He will spit you out

You’ll hear “Depart from me!”
Instead of rejoicing as the saint’s shout

Lordship Salvation
Is simply the biblical way

So follow Jesus
And obey Him each and every day

4 responses to “Lordship Salvation”

  1. Thank you very much for sending this to me. I hope you don’t mind but I shared this to my Facebook friends. Have a blessed and wonderful day!   In Christ, Oly A. Sheppard 

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