A Study in White Genocide: The ongoing decline of the white race in America and the world

I believe the so-called ongoing white genocide is real and is a desperate problem. If you look at the decline of the white population in the world in the past 70 years, especially here in America, the problem is apparent.

This nefarious and Satanic result was accomplished primarily through lowering the birth rate of white women, encouraging white mothers to have abortions, economic changes which impacted white families and made large families cost prohibitive, Millennials and Gen Z women have been taught to get a career working and worry about having children when they’re in their 40s, an explosive rise in the popularity of contraceptives, tens of millions of illegal immigrants, millions of legal immigrants who are minorities, and the dilution of the white race through mixed race marriages. Also, Chrisitan preachers bear a good measure of blame for failing to preach against mixed-race marriages! We hear black is beautiful, but in my entire life I never once heard someone say “White is beautiful!” It’s gotten so bad that if one merely mentions the vast array of accomplishments of the white race they will be accused of being a racist or a white supremacist. In school, every race is encouraged to celebrate and take pride in their race, everyone except for white people! I experienced this myself.

When my father was born in 1950, the total white population in America was 134,942,028, and 89.5% of the total population of Americans was white.
Contrast that with today with the latest data from 2020 where the total white population was 204,277,273 and only 61.6% of the total population was white!

Here’s an article that documents that white decline is indeed a global problem.

Between 2010-2020 America lost over 5 million white people while minority populations increased dramatically!

At the current rate, America will be a majority-minority country in around 2044, with whites becoming a minority population for the first time in American history! That’s within my lifetime. This is devastating! It is white people who built this nation and made it great!!

Although rarely discussed, white people are genetically recessive. It is scientific fact that Black is a genetically dominant trait. Whenever Black mixes with White, which is a recessive genetic trait, Black will dominate. In general, this means whites cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites. The white race, at current rates of decline, eventually will be replaced or genetically annihilated through such assimilation or social intermixing with non-whites. The declining white population is not a new or reversible trend – the decline has only quickened!

I should also note that there has been an explosion in anti-white racism in recent years.

According to a UN world population study done in 2019, the white race is currently only 10% of the global population and it is declining sharply.

The white race has literally made modern civilization possible! We were the pioneers, the vast majority of scientific, literary, mathematical, medical, musical, technology, engineering, high technology, academia, entertainment (radio, television, and film), agriculture, the Internet, and economic progress happened due to white people. All the greatest artists were white. The majority of Nobel Prize winners have been white. The white race created the Industrial Revolution which birthed modern society. Also, it was the white race that propagated Christianity to the world. Jesus and the Apostles were white Jews, nearly every single Early Church Father was white, and the great Christian minds like Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin were all white. The Holy Roman Emperors were all white. White armies repelled the threat of Islam. Most churches and monasteries were built by white people. The great missionary movements were all led by white people. And speaking as someone who is a Reformed believer, I note that every single Protestant Reformer was white. All the great theological books were written by white people. All these vast myriad accomplishments will soon be no more if the white race disappears. The world will enter a new Dark Age!

I’m proud to be white! I’m proud of what my ancestors and fellow whites have accomplished. One should not be dismissed as a racist for saying what I’m saying. I am not a racist! This is not a conspiracy theory or myth.

Scripture says every tribe of people will be present when Jesus returns, so each race has a duty to preserve its distinct race.

Everything I’ve presented in this article is cold hard facts. Speaking the truth about white genocide doesn’t make one a bigot or a white supremacist!!! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

End Note

Please let me be very clear on one point. I do not consider the white race to be superior to the black, Latino, or Asian races. I love Christians of all races. We are one family in Christ.

2 responses to “A Study in White Genocide: The ongoing decline of the white race in America and the world”

  1. But Jesus also was not white. And the areas where the gospel spreads the fastest are non-white areas (e.g., Africa, Iran, China)


    • Jesus was white. He was a Caucasian Jew. He wasn’t black, brown, or yellow! That is revisionistic nonsense! It spread the fastest because of geographic location and because of where the Apostles traveled in missionary journies.


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