The Gospel Call

Fervently spread the Gospel to the lost
No matter how heavy the cost

For it alone has the power, you see
To set every captive free

A sinless Christ was born
For us, He faced men’s scorn

He died for our sins on the cross
And entered eternal doss

But death had lost its sting
Let choirs of angels sing

Christ rose on the third day
His power on display

Your journey will take you far and wide
Know that Christ is always at your side

You will face hate and scorn
But don’t become forlorn

Tis the Holy Spirit you have inside
Every demon will shriek and hide

God calls His elect
It’s He alone who does select

God extends His sovereign grace
To the mired in sin human race

Not based on merit or any intrinsic property
Solely for good pleasure, He chose you and me

We are chosen by God
The way to damnation is broad

By grace alone, we are saved
The natural man is totally depraved

Through faith alone, we are redeemed
More wondrous than can be dreamed

Whether to kings or plowboys
Preaching the gospel is the means He employs

We are quickened from being spiritually dead
This is the second birth from our sickbed

We are regenerated in an instant of time
Who can fathom such a miracle so sublime

Repentance and faith are imparted to the soul
In Christ, we are finally whole

So spread the Gospel at home and abroad
Do not be discouraged

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2022

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