A Spring Journey

The rain falls gently down
Covering hills of green and brown
The air smells fresh and new
Like early morning dew

A songbird chirps a sweet melody
It seems to recognize me
I love being connected to nature
There is nothing greater

Observing God’s glorious creation
Fills me with elation
All this was made for man
Following God’s master plan

We must be good stewards of the earth
From our dying days to our birth
Pollution must be limited
In this task, we must be committed

Walking slowly in the park
I spotted a lone lark
It was standing near a daisy
Looking rather lazy

Eventually subsides the rain
I noticed I feel less emotional pain
A dazzling rainbow stretches across the sky
It delights my eye

I rest under a mighty oak tree
Free from misery
What history this oak has seen
Rivaled only by the secrets in my gene

I slowly make my way home
Today ’twas lovely to roam
I’ll cherish these memories forever
They shall always bring me such pleasure

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2023

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