Alleluia, He is risen!

Just outside of Jerusalem
Took place the greatest event of all time
A supreme act so sublime

‘Twas a hot afternoon
On that blessed hill of Calvary
Where Christ died to set men free

Christ’s suffering was a perfect atonement
An expiation
For all our sin

On that rocky soil of Golgotha
Did Jesus’ blood flow
He endured more than any man could know

Jesus bore the full weight
Of God’s wrath for our sin
Such an amazing propitiation

At 3pm, after 6 agonizing hours
Of torment on the cross
Came the ultimate pathos

Jesus cried out “It is finished!”
And gave up His spirit freely
Christ’s lifeless body hung there quietly

Was this the end of the God Man?
Had Satan triumphed gleefully?
Had death won a victory?

Christ was buried in a humble tomb
A large stone covered the entrance
Guards were posted off chance

On the third day
A blinding light filled the tomb
It was the first child of Mary’s womb

Christ had resurrected
Defeating Satan, sin, and death
It was not a dream, He had breath

Jesus Our Lord and Savior is alive
He reigns supreme over all
Will you repent and answer the Gospel call?

Christ paid my ransom
The Lamb of God shed His blood
Though my sins were like a great flood

Oh happy day
My sins were forgiven
I was adopted as one of God’s children

Because of Christ’s sacrifice
‘Tis Death to whom I will not surrender
I shall live forever with Jesus my Redeemer

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2023

One response to “Alleluia, He is risen!”

  1. Aww! What a beautiful poem! You have such a wonderful message to share about Jesus and how much he loves us! Keep up your amazing poetry Zak!


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