reflections on a winter morn

frozen light
suspended in time
frozen dreams
imagined and sublime

early morning
darkness slowly abates
consciousness quickens
the sleeper awakes

transitory perceptions
visions left behind
worlds hidden
from the mind

harken voyagers
with limited epistemology
think upon
this construct ‘reality’

hidden variables
your models eschew
vulgar unobservables
an ontological stew

pray consider
strict materialists all
something lost
in man’s Fall

fragile understanding
truth or lies
trusting naught
with Positivist eyes

pray Science
thou informest men
unresolved e’er
why arrogance then

temporal prison
the philosopher’s derision
what then
make a decision

amazing grace
destroys any wall
have faith
Christ restoreth all

bright transcendence
the universe clear
bright belief
nothing to fear

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2010

14 responses to “reflections on a winter morn”

  1. This is a comment posted by my friend Yi An Xiang in China. He is a petroleum engineer and now an oil manager. Since Google is blocked in China he could not post the comment:(3:50:02 PM) Yi AnXiang: this is the poem I read in my former life and it will be the greatest poem in my whole future life,I appreciate you for saying any kind and friendly words and any comments left by my american buddy.


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