Indian Superman

Here we see Superman with Spider Woman flying!

I came across a funny, yet charming Bollywood movie, “Dariya Dil”. This is also known as “Indian Superman“. It is a Bollywood rip off (they stole many of the special effects scenes directly from the Hollywood version which is illegal LOL) of the popular Christopher Reeve “Superman” film. Here‘s a good review of the film on Stomp Tokyo. I would like to see the entire movie, but so far have only seen bits and pieces on YouTube. If you’d like to watch a scene of them flying and singing a nice song download this. (37 MB)

6 responses to “Indian Superman”

  1. 1. They sure like to dance. Too bad their dance moves are pure garbage.2. They are lip syncing. And not to their own voices.3. The song and singing are pretty good I must admit.


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