A Christmas Canticle


Christ was born in a manger
One frosty night

Only straw for a bed
What a plight

The heavenly hosts proclaimed
Gloria in excelsis Deo

In His crib
Christ’s face did glow

The animals kept watch
As the holy infant slept

How could this be
His secret Joseph and Mary kept

This eternal Son dreamed
Of what He’d do one day

The Emmanuel – God with us
The holy couple did pray

The Messiah came out of love
For mankind lost in sin

He would one day make
A propitiation

On the Cross
He’d give His life

As a ransom for us
To end our eternal strife

Christ was a sinless substitute
He won us second birth

His sacrifice
Was one of infinite worth

On the third day
The light streamed out the tomb

Like a newborn baby
From the womb

Jesus was resurrected
The greatest event in all spacetime

Such a monumental  moment
A victory so sublime

Death had lost its sting
The grave had been denied

The God Man lived
He who was prophesied

Because of that moment
We can live forevermore

Our path is certain
Our eternal fate secure

Are you tired of darkness
Of living in sin so black

Repent in your heart today
There’s no going  back

Believe the Gospel
It is your only hope

Don’t trust in man
Or even a pope

You are a new creation
The old life is gone

Your depravity and wickedness
Is truly done

So walk in the Spirit
And live for Christ each day

Because of sovereign grace
You don’t have to dismay


by Zachary Uram (c) 2021

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