Christmas Reflections


In the Garden
Man had fallen from grace
It doomed the human race

Man was lost
In hopelessness and pain
Sin and death would now reign

Because of divine love
There formed a plan
To save wretched man

A Savior was needed
A spotless Lamb
The great I AM

God the Son would come
To set mankind free
From his estate lowly

God chose
A humble Jewish girl
She was special

Mary served the Lord
She agreed to God’s fiat
In her womb the Messiah sat

A true miracle
This virgin most fair
The Christ child she would bare

In a remote city of Bethlehem
Mary and Joseph did sojourn
The world would soon turn

No room in the inn
Christ was born in a stable
This was no fable

The animals looked on
The God Man was alive
Our hope did survive

Rejoice I say
Behold Israel’s King
Let choirs of angels sing

Gloria Gloria Gloria
Hosanna in excelsis
Emmanuel – God with us

The very universe sings
A cosmic celebration
Of Jesus’s incarnation

Thirty-three years later
Christ would pay our penalty
From sin we’d be set free

Humiliated and brutalized
Such pain He endured for us
What an astounding witness

On the rocky hill of Golgotha
The time struck three midday
Such a loving display

Jesus bore God’s full wrath
Christ gave up His spirit
His life did He forfeit

Mary wept
Was this the last act
Did Christ succumb to Satan’s attack

No this was not the end
For on the third day Christ rose
It was us He chose

Death could not hold Him
The fabric of spacetime did bend
This was not His end

Christ conquered death
As He rose again so shall we
Who can fathom such a mystery

So repent
And believe the Good News
Your heart of stone you’ll lose

A new creation in Christ
Saved by grace through faith alone
In the Book of Life your name is known

Merry Christmas to all
On this day our salvation had begun
No more from God will you run

We look ahead to Calvary
Christmas mirth
Foreshadows our new birth

A single love story
From Mary’s womb
To the Easter tomb

Snow is falling
I hear carolers sing
It’s time for an awakening

Don’t delay
Trust in Christ alone
For us He did atone

You’ll receive the Comforter
In your heart He will dwell
Blessed assurance you cannot dispel

Walk by the Spirit
In all that you do
Rejoice you’re one of the few

by Zachary Uram (c) 2021

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