My Belly III

Oh my meaty, swollen belly
Smacking my belly
It is a gut most swelly

Smack to the left and right
Smacking my belly
It’s outta sight

Smack it up and down
Smacking my belly
Brings me such renown

Oh what a sight
Smacking my belly
Gives me such delight

Smack it at night and day
Smacking my belly
I smack it without delay

Such sweet rhythm
Smacking my belly
It’s like a drum

As loud as a thunderclap
Smacking my belly
My belt I do unstrap

Smack it today and tomorrow
Smacking  my belly
It will never give me sorrow

I feel happy and free
Smacking my belly
I smack it with glee

I’ll smack my belly forevermore
Smacking my belly
The sound you cannot ignore

Smack it now and later
Smacking my  belly
It’s never a labor


by Zachary Uram (c) 2021

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