Silent Holocaust

Since 1973 when the US Supreme Court legalized abortion, in the Roe v. Wade case, there have been over 63 million children murdered in cold blood by their mothers!

Think of what these children could have accomplished as doctors, engineers, scientists, musicians, artists, filmmakers, teachers, lawyers, etc. I’m convinced someone from this genocide would have discovered a cure for cancer. Think of the innovations and breakthroughs which God gave us that we lost forever.

I firmly believe that we need to outlaw all abortion, not regulate it. Abortion is always murder in every single case!

The main motive behind abortion is sex on demand without any consequences. This is a lie from Satan! People want to fornicate and commit adultery, but instead of being responsible and bringing a new life into the world, rather they chose to deliberately destroy that life through abortion for the sake of convenience and expediency. This wanton attitude towards sex developed with the rise of feminism in the 1960s.

I am disgusted with Republican leaders and Republican Supreme Court justices since the administration of President Ronald Reagan who have done virtually nothing to overturn Roe v. Wade and make abortion illegal. Republicans haven’t even been able to outlaw partial birth abortion which is done late during a pregnancy.

Democrats and progressives see abortion on demand, for any reason and at any point in a pregnancy, as a fundamental human right. I just read President Macron of France is pushing the European Union to recognize abortion as a human right.

I believe Christian priests, pastors, ministers, and elders also bear a huge amount of responsibility for not doing everything within their power to outlaw abortion. And we the Christian majority of this country bear a huge responsibility for allowing a liberal minority to dictate the law and for us allowing this silent genocide to continue for so long, for so many decades, unabated.

I believe the innocent blood of the abortion victims cries out to God for justice. Unless American repents and outlaws abortion God will utterly destroy America, probably through a nuclear attack from Russia or China.

The kindergarten through 12th grade education system (public schools), academia (the universities), the entertainment industry (Hollywood), the vast majority of mainstream news media, and the vast majority of corporations now support abortion on demand! The Democrat party is in favor of abortion of demand.

It angers and saddens me to contemplate this silent holocaust which seems to have no end in sight. And this isn’t  just an American problem, it is a global problem with 46 million abortions worldwide every year!

Please pray, fast, teach, exhort, witness, speak out, and do everything within your power to end abortion. The infants being slaughtered have no voice, they are totally defenseless. We must be their advocates!

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