Modern Parenting

Most kids today are so spoiled, coddled, catered to. It’s disgusting. The way I hear kids in the supermarket talk back to their parents is disheartening. That was NOT tolerated in our home. My father made it very clear what would happen if we disrespected our mother.

And I see Moms cooking 10 different dinners to satisfy their picky kids! When I was a child you ate what you were served, and you didn’t leave your seat until you ate EVERYTHING! And whining and complaining were not tolerated.

In my entire life, I have never cursed or swore at my parents or talked to them in a disrespectful manner.

Most kids today are glued to their smartphones. Why does a 10 or 12-year-old need their own phone?! That is madness and sheer negligence by their parents. I didn’t have my first smartphone until I was 42 years old! And if they’re not sitting inside on the phones, they are playing computer games. I must admit I’m an avid gamer, but that is only because I’m an adult. Kids should not be gaming. And if they’re not playing games, they are watching TV!!

Parents: let your children play unsupervised outside. When I was 7 years old I had free reign of the neighborhood. So did my sisters. In the summertime, we left home after breakfast around 9am and didn’t come home until 7pm for dinner. That was 10 hours of unsupervised time playing games with our friends, exploring the woods, visiting neighbors, and generally having active fun. We were healthy, slim, fit, active kids! I see what a huge issue childhood obesity is now in America. This is 100% the parents’ fault! It’s child abuse!!

Overprotective anxiety-riddled parents drive their kids EVERYWHERE! Let them walk and get some exercise! And my parents made it very clear to us kids that our education was a very top priority. We did homework during the summertime and prepared for the coming school year. We could not play until we had finished our homework and studying. Looking back now as a 46 year old man, I realize what a true blessing my parents are. They raised us to love and fear God and to respect other people, and ourselves, and to treat each other right.

Here’s a great meme I found on Facebook!

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