Western degeneracy

I support Russian President Vladimir Putin! He is a strong Christian leader who is fighting Western degeneracy creeping into his country!

Did you know 8 years ago Ukraine held fair democratic elections and a pro-Russian president was elected. But the CIA sent over agitators and after weeks of horrible demonstrations and riots the president stepped down and a pro-Western president was elected.

America and certain European nations have been pushing for Ukraine to join NATO as well as the EU. This is simply unacceptable.

Do you not realize the values being promulgated by the West are abortion on demand, LGBT insanity enshrined into law, fornication, pornography on demand, and other degeneracy? And remember that historically Ukraine was part of Russia. It is only in the last 30 years that that wasn’t the case. Putin is far too intelligent to fall for Western propaganda.

I wish America was more like Russia and that we had a leader like Putin who actually fought to preserve Christianity and fight liberal progressive degeneracy!!

As an American, I’m ashamed and disgusted that such Satanic values have been exported from this country to all over the world.

Western values of abortion on demand, pornography on demand, LGBT, gay “marriage”, hyper-materialism, hyper-consumerism are being pushed on Russia; Putin and the Russian people want no part of it!

Here is a great 5-minute clip of Putin putting a smug, liberal, arrogant reporter in his place!

5 responses to “Western degeneracy”

  1. The Ukraine is a sovereign state that has the right to self determination. Putin’s conscripts are an invading force with no Christ given right to occupy Ukraine.

    By your own definition of degeneracy people have always been degenerate though the ages and your Christ lived and died for the sins of the world not as a means to inflict further pain and suffering within this world.

    Putin is not acting in the name of Christ if you believe you can kill in the name of Christ you are wrong and most probably praying to the wrong god. Christ forgives the worlds sins he does not condone them.


    • You need to read this because I believe you Huwspace are a hypocrite:
      The Hypocrisy of Liberal Professing Christians
      JANUARY 17, 2014 / C.H. FISHER
      A popular professing Christian minister used an expletive to describe apathy concerning child hunger. Then he said that most people were more upset that he used the expletive than they were about child hunger. I disagree. I’m upset with child hunger and his use of the expletive. The reason I’m upset is because I don’t believe he really cares about hungry children. Instead, he is simply using a trick, the shock factor, to belittle people and thereby elevate himself. I do believe that he has convinced himself that he cares, but that is the definition of delusion. However, there is a pattern of liberals pretending to care more about hungry children, people in poverty, people without health insurance, the slaughter of innocent trees, and the welfare of most living things including the snail darter and whales. When the liberal is a professing Christian, and especially a minister, he or she pretends to care about homosexuals, homeless people, and of course the terrible harm that evangelicals wreak on atheists and other non-believers. To alleviate some of the suffering, they attempt to ban nativity scenes, prayer in public school events, and rid the landscape of the Ten Commandments and any other reference to God or Christ. They want to ban guns, but not the abortionist’s scalpel and other tools of torture.

      To bolster their image as protectors and ombudsmen for the less fortunate, they attack evangelicals and Christian conservatives in general as being heartless hypocrites that only promote an angry, judgmental God with all the rules and regulations. But do they really care? Is the liberal claim that only they have true and abundant compassion a valid one? I don’t think so. Even if they founded a thousand organizations to help the less fortunate, and spent billions of dollars doing them service, I still wouldn’t believe it. The reason is because they fail on every issue that is further down the logical road. Let me explain.

      If I care about trees and snail darters, then I would obviously care about human babies.God declares that He cares for the birds and feeds them, but we are of more worth than the birds. Therefore we ought to know that He cares much more for us (Luke 12:24). If a one claims to be a Christian and loves birds, the love for humanity ought to be greater. However, the same ones who love the trees and snail darters have no compunction about killing an unborn child. They want to ban nativity scenes, but have no problem with a so-called work of art consisting of a cross dipped in urine. They claim to care for the poor, but manipulate their positions to make themselves rich. Further, they insure through their support of liberalism that society is plunged into poverty and suffering, while little children go hungry as a result. They sound warnings about climate change, but drive gas guzzlers, live in mammoth houses, and cruise about in expensive yachts. In short, they claim to believe in God, but do everything in their power to depict Him as Satan.

      What is really occurring is that they have manufactured a “savior”. The composite of all their liberal concerns and pseudo-compassion constitutes a “savior”. This “savior” delivers them from the burden of their lostness, washes over the stench of their guilt, but does not require righteousness. Their “savior” dulls the reality of their sin, but does not require a rejection of it. The “savior” that inspires their pretentious compassion does not call them to turn away from evil, but to embrace it and call it good. This is the reason why the liberal professing Christians minister can spew vulgarity and in the same breath condemn true Christians for not caring as much about hungry children as he does. His “savior” is the spirit of saving trees, snail darters, and whales. It is the spirit of the one who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. So when he condemns a helpless unborn child to death, he hides under his “savior”, which is the spirit of pseudo-compassion for everything other than the most helpless of all human beings.

      Babies are important born or unborn. One reason is because they symbolize everything that is good in life. Babies symbolize new birth, freshness of hope, and the raw power of innocence. They bring out the best in us. Nothing can make us talk like a baby like a baby. We will behave as foolish as a little child to amuse a baby. We feel protective, and somewhat better, because we are near them; that we are close to their newness and purity. We hope for them the lofty goals that we never accomplished. They make us laugh, cry, and panic in the same minute. If we cannot love and protect a baby, then our love for snail darters and trees is a farce. Further, one may curse and foam over the many children dying of hunger, roughly 1 every 10 seconds. However, a baby is murdered in the womb every 2 seconds. More babies die of abortion in American than all other deaths combined, roughly 22 times as many.

      So when a liberal professing Christians tries to make me feel bad because I do not like his vulgarity, and attempts to convince me that he cares more for children than I do, I’ve got a response for him. “No, you do not care for hungry children. You are simply bowing to your ‘savior’ that requires you to keep some children alive with food while killing other ones for pleasure. You, sir, are a hypocrite.”


  2. Hi Dan thank you for your quick response and considered feedback, I am pleased that you kept it brief too and I understasnd it will be God that will be our judge on spiritual and religious matters not each other. Though again thank also for your concern about the hypocracy of my view. I am sorry if you beleive Putin is acting in the name of Christ and that the blood leting is rightouse feature of the invasion of Ukraiae. We must still continue to disagree on this point.


  3. Wow I would love to way in except I don’t believe in killing ppl for any reason, unless it’s God’s will


  4. He supports nothing but his own ego. He is willing to take his own people and country down the toilet. What you consider his motives to be are not in any way shape reflective of Christian ideals.


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