Ukraine was part of Russia for over 1,000 years! Don’t be duped by Western propaganda! US exports abortion on demand, LGBT, gay “marriage”, gay pride parades, pornography on demand, divorce, Satanic music, fornication & adultery, and Russia wants no part of it! Be angry with the pastors and politicians in America who are destroying this country and the West! 8 years ago Ukraine held democratic and open elections, a pro-Russian president was elected, CIA-backed agitators demonstrated and incited riots in Ukraine for several weeks until the President resigned and a pro-US, pro-NATO, and pro-EU president replaced him! The fables you hear about Russia from mainstream Western media are garbage and only for the unthinking and uncritically minded. Russia and Putin are fighting to save their nation from Western degeneracy! We should be working together as allies instead of opposing them! The lies I hear in social media and mainstream media about President Putin and Russia and Ukraine make me sick! Westerners are being brainwashed by propaganda. They learned from the Nazis and the Soviets how to effectively brainwash people, even educated people are susceptible to this! The medium is the message! Please read Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man by Marshall McLuhan, and watch this eye-opening video below! Also, please be sure to read this article on the Ukraine situation!

By the way, 248 armed conflicts took place between 1945-2001 in 153 regions globally. 201 were initiated by the United States, or 81%!

Also, please watch this excellent documentary, “Ukraine on Fire”, for proof of Western meddling in Ukraine!


  1. Zach, even *I* don’t think that Ukraine “belongs” to Russia. I just think that if Donetsk and Lugansk want to join Russia, it would be hypocritical for the Western democracies to deny them that right. The right of secession is part and parcel of American republicanism, especially as expressed by Thomas Jefferson.


  2. I really appreciate your perspective. I have not been able to read much of your blog due to other distractions, but need to visit more to hear/read your thoughts!


  3. We have to understand that the traditions and values of Eastern Europe are far different from what we know as Americans! The fight between the Ukraine and Russia goes back many centuries, possibly thousands of years! The US can’t get involved in this, I don’t think that the American military comprehends the history involved. Not every nation is democratic! Let the battle end in its own way, to the traditions and values and honor of the people who understand that the results do not have anything to do with America!


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