Godly Government

I posit that pluralistic democracies (or even a constitutional republic like America) are fraught with systemic problems which lead to degeneracy.

As we’ve seen in America, the tyranny of the minority is able to impose on the majority through the law, entertainment, and education. This can be clearly observed with respect to LGBT. Also, democracy lends itself to liberal influences. One government/President/Supreme Court/Congress may be conservative, yet the next could be liberal and progressive. There is no long-term stability. Social policy hangs on the whim of who can generate the most revenue. Pluralistic forms of government lead to widespread and systemic degeneracy and anti-Christian values.

Another problem is our constitution. It gives certain rights and privileges to non-Christians that guarantee that down the road these groups will have power and be able to dictate policy and the law. Our constitution was written for a Christian populace. When the majority became non-Christian the constitution becomes no longer viable to uphold the Founder’s vision. Look at abortion or gay “marriage”. Both of these would have been utterly inconceivable to the men who wrote our founding documents. Yet generations later, here both of these wicked sins are the law of the land! The very wickedness which opposes God becomes enshrined into law!

Today, Western Europe, Australia, Canada, and America; the countries with constitutional republics, liberal democracies, or constitutional monarchies have all descended into degeneracy. These were once formerly Christian nations. Now they are ruled by liberal and pluralistic hegemony. Christians are second-class citizens. The Law of God is openly mocked and opposed at every level.

Great heroic Christian leaders like Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne or Roman Emperor Constantine would be dismissed as toxic patriarchists with extreme right-wing Christian values. The world has become so much more wicked as time has gone on. This is one of many reasons why I believe postmillennial eschatology is false.

I believe a Christian monarchy or a theocracy would be a superior form of government for a Christian majority populace. God’s holy, perfect Law should be the law of the land. Non-Christians should have no rights or freedoms. Voting is Satanic! It is a demonic majority rule. Politicians are adept at brainwashing voters, they are easily manipulated and controlled. This would not be allowed to happen in one of the forms of rule I favor. Throughout the past 2,000 years, we have had Empires ruled by kings/emperors, strict Christian monarchies, or explicitly Christian theocracies.

In my ideal society, God’s Law would be the law of the land, abortion would be illegal, homosexual acts would be illegal, both controls would be illegal, transgenderism would be illegal, advocating for transgenderism or homosexuality would be illegal. It would be illegal to evangelize or proselytize for a non-Christian religion, non-Christians could not fight in the armed forces, nor hold academic positions at universities, non-Christians could not teach kindergarten through 12th grade. Fornication and adultery would be illegal with harsh punishments. Dressing immodestly would be illegal. Profanity would be illegal. We would bring back public hanging and the stockades. All murders would be first-degree and incur the death penalty. All rape and sexual abuse of a child would warrant the death penalty. All acts of treason or sedition would merit the death penalty. The death penalty would be applied swiftly and in a timely manner for all capital cases. Men 18 and older would face 5 years of compulsory military service. It would be forbidden for women to work besides essential and appropriate jobs such as nurses and secretaries. Teaching racist theories such as Critical Race Theory would be illegal. Schools would teach Biblical creationism (intelligent design) rather than evolution. All education would be paid for by the parents, not through property taxes. Homeschooling would be encouraged. Families having more than 3 children would receive significant bonuses. Liberal-progressive ideologies would be forbidden. Immigration would be strictly controlled, our natural borders would be secure. Immigration by non-Christians would be forbidden. Illegal immigration would be punished severely. Weekly church attendance on the Christian Sabbath (Sunday) would be compulsory. There would be no freedom of the press. Media and entertainment industries would be strictly controlled and regulated.

4 responses to “Godly Government”

  1. I’m with you on a lot of this stuff, but THE DEATH PENALTY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION??? Is that really a proportional punishment? I mean, if they’re unabashed Communists, maybe dump them in some other country we hate instead of turning them away at the border, but not the death penalty!


  2. So very thoughtful and perfection does not exist here in this world….we do know that we will never have an even-handed, fair government till Jesus returns. If we were to rule as judge and jury in our human world, it would be what would be considered tyrannical! That’s only because we are all sinners and Nirvana is from the “other” god of this world. His “theocracy” is what we are living with now. He decides that every man can do what he thinks is right…and we can see what is happening with that. Your last paragraph would never work in the present worldly theology. Even so, Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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