Biggest blizzards in Pittsburgh in my life so far

So far, in my life, I’ve witnessed 3 epic blizzards.

I was 3 years old. It was January 1978. A huge blizzard, dubbed The Great Blizzard of 1978, dumped 27 inches of snow between January 22 and 24. I recall the snow was above my head when we opened the front door on Meadowbrook Blvd. in Brentwood (a suburb of Pittsburgh)! Here is a story about that weather system. Here is a WTAE-TV news report on the blizzard:

On Saturday, March 11, 1993, snow began falling shortly after midnight. By the end of the day, Pittsburgh had recorded 23.6 inches of snow, the largest single-day snowfall since such records began in 1948.

Despite the storm’s ferocity, the city managed to host its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. With the exception of snowplows, the parade was one of the last things that were able to move. It would be days before the city dug out and nearly a week before schools could resume classes. I was a junior in Brashear high school, living with my Gramma, Daddy, Aunt Barbie, [Great] Aunt Mary, and younger sister Tanya living in the South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh at the time.

In 2018, KDKA TV looked back at what was called the storm of the century:

And here’s a WPXI-TV special on the blizzard:

The blizzard started the night of Feb. 5, 2010, and continued overnight into the morning of Feb. 6, 2010. This monster storm, dubbed Snowmageddon, dumped 34 inches of snow in the neighborhood of Carrick, where Vi and I were living at the time, over the course of several days. To see my photos from the Blizzard of February 2010 click here and here! Here’s a KDKA-TV news report on the storm:

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