A St. Patrick’s Day Poem

Minard Castle, Dingle Peninsula, Kerry, Ireland

On this day so full of mirth
I think of Christianity in Ireland’s birth

Brave Patrick forged the way
Preaching the Gospel to the pagans, a bold new foray

The Celtic cross stands strong
With shamrock in bloom we sing this song

Modernism and secularism – Satan’s wile
Is attacking the faith in the Emerald Isle

But God’s Word shall forever stand
In this green and pleasant land

Faithful parents are raising their children the right way
To fear and love the Lord everyday

Let the church bells ring and the uilleann pipes too
Christ reigns forever, may this land He renew

Alas, I think of Grammy, my Irish grandma
She’s smiling in Heaven as we sing “Erin go bragh!”

5 responses to “A St. Patrick’s Day Poem”

  1. A wonderful poem Zak! There aren’t many poems about St Patrick anymore. I’m happy you remembered him on St Patrick’s Day! And I liked how you mentioned Grammy!


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