Atrocities in Ukraine

I just read this press announcement by the Russian Foreign Ministry! It seems the Zelenskyy nationalist government of Ukraine is using banned weapons to attack the 2 breakaway regions of DPR and LPR! They’ve killed over 13,000 civilians in these regions and destroyed numerous homes and buildings in the past 8 years. The “Zelenskyy is a brave hero representing righteous Ukraine” is a false narrative! Stop being brainwashed by Western biased media! The Ukrainian government is the aggressor, not Russia! Russia is defending its citizens.

14 March 2022 19:34
Russian Foreign Ministry statement on Ukraine’s strike on Donetsk

At 11:30 am on March 14, Ukrainian forces hit a residential neighbourhood in Donetsk with a Tochka-U tactical missile with a cluster munition warhead prohibited under international law. Although intercepted by air defence, preventing catastrophic losses, the downed missile still landed on the peaceful city and killed 20 and seriously wounded 28 people, including children, women and seniors.

The DPR leadership has called it an act of terror.

Such strikes are sanctioned by the country’s leadership at the highest level. We strongly condemn this atrocity committed by the Kiev regime. It confirms again that the nationalist government of Ukraine intends to continue waging war on the civilians of the DPR and the LPR, as it has already been doing with its punitive operation in Donbass for the last eight years. Kiev has apparently decided to launch missiles at completely innocent people as revenge for its defeats during Russia’s special military operation to defend the DPR and the LPR. We are clearly witnessing the death throes of the Ukrainian authorities.

On behalf of the people and leadership of our country, the Foreign Ministry conveys its deep condolences to the families and friends of the dead, as well as to the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, and wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded. We are confident that this crime against humanity will not go unpunished.

After the dissolution of the USSR, the United States promised Russia that NATO would not expand any closer to the Russian border. Yet in June of 2020, Ukraine joined NATO’s “enhanced opportunity partner interoperability program”. While this is not the same as becoming a member of NATO, it gives NATO a specific interest in Ukraine, and it is difficult to conceive that this can be anything but concerning to Russia, which cannot possibly welcome even an increased cultural pressure from the decadent West, let alone an increasing military and economic threat. It is Ukraine who provoked Russia to respond, at the behest of America and EU, the NATO powers!

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