Lighting a powder keg

According to recent reports, America and NATO continue sending hundreds of millions of dollars of military AID to Ukraine ($350 million from America alone) including anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, bombs, and other weapons. This is utterly reckless and stupid!

More people will die as a result of these weapons, more Russians will die and it will encourage Russia to retaliate and kill more Ukrainians! These actions by America and NATO nations have made the conflict much deadlier and will it will result in more deaths and destruction! The NATO nations should be practicing diplomacy not encouraging Ukraine to fight until the last man is standing! If Russia is losing the war with conventional weapons that may encourage Putin to start nuking targets in Ukraine!

America and NATO nations are fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine! We did the same thing in Vietnam against China with horrific deaths and destruction. America even used chemical weapons such as the cancer-causing compound Agent Orange. America ended up completely flattening Hanoi to ground level, and resorted to napalm bombing. By prolonging this conflict needlessly and meddling, America and NATO allies have now triggered a nuclear gambit! Such foolishness!

One response to “Lighting a powder keg”

  1. What the US is doing in the conflict is ridiculous! Why aren’t American politicians trying to make peace? Giving the Ukrainians weapons is just aggravating a very serious and awful situation!


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