Chris Farley – comic genius

I just watched on YouTube some Chris Farley skits from Saturday Night Live! He was a genius of physical comedy. It’s so sad he died so young at age 33 from drugs! It reminds me of the tragic case of former SNL star, and Chris’ idol, Jim Belushi who also died at the age of 33 from drugs. Chris’ cause of death was a deadly overdose of morphine and cocaine, known as a “speedball.” Those closest to Chris said he never felt loved. He was searching for acceptance and wanted desperately to be liked. Chris started doing comedy to get positive attention/feedback. In spite of Chris’ success as a comedian and actor, he had personal demons and kept masking his pain with drugs. I wish he could have heard and accepted the Gospel. Had Chris known God’s amazing love I think he would still be alive today! A cautionary tale.

Here’s Chris in his Matt Foley character, he’s a motivational speaker, dressed up as Santa at a mall.

Here is Chris in a skit as once again Matt Foley (who lives in a van down by the river!!!). In this setup, Matt travels to Venezuela to help a cartel member with his unruly children!

Here’s Chris as Matt Foley talking to two teens about their drug use. Ironic since Chris himself was a drug addict at the time of this skit.

I recommend watching Chris’ hilarious movie “Beverly Hills Ninja” (1997), it showcases his comedic talents. He died a few months after the movie was released.

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