Pittsburgh pizza perfection

We Pittsburghers love our pizza and people are taking notice! Anytime Estimate’s recent ranking of the Best Pizza Cities in America put Pittsburgh at number 5 on the list!

Anytime Estimate looked at several factors including the average price of a slice of cheese pizza and the number of pizza shops per 100,000 residents.

Detroit, Michigan topped the list, followed by Cleveland and Columbus, both in Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts.

You can review the full list here.

Pittsburgh has literally hundreds of pizza shops! My two favorite pizza shops in Pittsburgh:

Mineo’s Pizza House

Mineo‘s is a true Pittsburgh original! Family-owned since 1958. It’s one of our best-kept secrets. I remember my parents bringing me here as a 4-year-old in 1979. So I’ve been enjoying their amazing pizza for pretty much my entire life. I lived in Squirrel Hill for 18 months in the late 90s and made sure to get a pizza from Mineo’s every Friday night. My sister, Vi, and I no longer live close by to Mineo’s, but we still make sure to take the bus over a few times per year. The pizza is worth it! I usually get pepperoni and mushroom. I also love their huge Italian salads! And be sure to go next door to get a piece of cake from USA Gourmet. My favorite is the triple chocolate! I’ve had literally dozens of Pittsburgh pizza shops in my lifetime, and Mineo’s is hands down the best! They have several locations now, but the original Squirrel Hill one is my favorite.

Express Pizzeria

My sister, Vi, and I live in Brentwood, and have tried every one of the numerous pizza shops on Route 51. Express is our favorite among them! We love their wings (nice size, great sauce and cooked perfectly), chicken salads (humungous and very tasty, a real value for your money), hoagies (they are huge and so yummy, we usually get steak & cheese), and of course their pizza. I prefer Mineo’s pizza, but Express is a good runner-up. Nice chewy crust (not overcooked), a tasty sauce and a good amount of it (not too much or too little), a very generous amount of cheese, and good fresh toppings. We also love their tiramisu.


If you visit Pittsburgh you must try Mineo’s pizza!! They will even ship you a delicious pizza via FedEx!

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