An Easter Meditation

I rose today
And thanked God
Like any other day

But today is special you see
For it commemorates that day long ago
When we, in Christ, got the victory

Two millennia ago in David’s city
Our Savior Christ was put on trial
He willingly gave up His security

He was beaten, scourged, and mocked
Christ endured it all out of love for us
It was for our sins that He was yoked

Pontius Pilate could find in Christ no sin
But the bloodthirsty crowd yelled “Crucify Him!”
So He was sentenced to death, to be our propitiation

Jesus hung on the cross for 6 hours in all
He felt abandoned, yet the Godhead was still One
The sky darkened and over the earth fell a great pall

Christ said “It is finished!” and gave up His spirit
Our redemption was won
We are saved by grace through faith alone, not our merit

On the third day He rose
Death, sin and Satan were defeated
The grave was empty, Christ no longer laid in repose

So today we rejoice
And marvel at what Jesus did for us
Let us praise Him with one resounding voice

To spend eternity with the Lamb
You must repent earnestly, and believe the gospel
He is the only way, you won’t find salvation in any stratagem

He is the Truth, the Life, and the Way
So put your trust in Christ alone
I implore you to listen to what, in this poem, I say

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