Reformed Life

In the Garden Adam fell into sin
It has since been in us, within

Adam was our federal head
He disobeyed what God said

When he ate the forbidden fruit
Man became rotten at the root

Man is without excuse
Born in sin from his earliest youth

We were saved from the world’s foundation
This fact causes some consternation

We weren’t saved by a future choice in our lifetime
As if God looked ahead in time

There was no particular action we made
No decision or attribute we displayed

Can the clay to the potter say
Make me this way

God redeems His Elect solely on His good pleasure
It is futile to search for some measure

A man hears the Gospel of Christ and is driven to repent
It is no accident

The Holy Spirit quickens a man who is spiritually dead
He is regenerated and to Christ he is wed

Man is given faith as a gift
The transformation is swift

The very repentance we receive, was also by God given
It’s part of His perfect provision

Our salvation is monergistic
Not as Arminians claim, synergistic

God is sovereign over all
Compared to Him, man is small

You see man’s will is enslaved to sin
We are utterly lost without Christ’s propitiation

As it pertains to salvation, we have no free will
Until we are saved, we can do only evil

So spread the Gospel near and far
Let your conduct be exemplar

Share the Good News of salvation in Christ
Don’t be deterred by the prevailing zeitgeist

Boldly preach
I humbly beseech

Read the Scriptures daily
Study them with friends and family

Be transformed, by the renewing of your mind
The Holy Spirit will not leave you blind

You will be led into all truth
Whether you are old or in your youth

Assemble with the saints when the Lord’s Day arrives
Go, children, husbands, and wives

Worship the God Who is Triune
Sing the psalms to a nice tune

Let the preacher expound on God’s Word
May your heart be stirred

by Zach Uram (c) 2022

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