Black America: Many problems, little action

This meme, which is from a recent article in the New York Post, shows that the overwhelming majority of New York City residents are worried about being the victim of crime. In the vast majority of cases, these crimes are committed by black people.

This is the result of a perfect storm in NYC of inept and corrupt back-to-back mayors with horrible policies on criminal justice, the so-called bail reforms that made in impossible to jail criminals except for grievous violent crime such as murder or rape, the influence of anti-white racist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM), teaching Critical Race Theory in schools, business, and even in the police force, laying off police or reducing the hours officers work all in the name of de-funding the police, gun control laws which prevent honest law-abiding citizens from defending themselves, their families, and their homes from criminal scum who buy guns illegally anyways, an irresponsible and sensationalist media coverage that highlights every perceived racial injustice, hides the race of the perpetrators of violent crime in the city (they are black in 90% of cases) and foments anti-white sentiment and racial polarization, failing to hold black parents, pastors, and civic leaders responsible for rampant black-on-black and black-on-white violence, failing to identify the root problem of 70% black children growing up in fatherless homes due to their mothers’ rampant sexual immorality which is so bad the mothers often times have no clue who their child’s father is, and a lack of leadership on the city, state and federal levels.

The real fundamental issue is sin. The problems of the black community are in nearly every instance their own fault. Other races in America faced terrible persecution and racism (the Asians who came to build the transcontinental railroad for one), yet they did not fall into the pattern of blaming all their problems on white people. They worked hard, they made sure their children achieved in school, they saved their money, generations in families rallied around each other, and over time they succeeded. By virtually any socioeconomic metric, Asian Americans in contemporary society are the most successful.

This stands in stark contrast, to the path that most black Americans chose. They fail to repent and trust in Christ alone, they keep having out-of-wedlock children, they choose to abuse drugs and alcohol, they fail to discipline their children, they fail to disciple their young men, they refuse to get married, they choose to commit a crime, especially violent crime against mainly innocent whites as their victims, they choose to pander and support race hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they choose to keep supporting the Democrat party, they choose to have 70% of black children to grow up without a father, they choose to listen to Satanic rap music which glorifies crime, promotes misogyny, encourages blacks to break the law, and attacks law enforcement, they choose to not study in school, they choose to support anti-white racist organizations like BLM, they choose entertainment whether it be TV shows, movies, or apps like TikTok which promote anti-Christian values, they choose to support Critical Race Theory (CRT), they choose to not work, their children choose to spend most of their free time on the streets, their parents choose to not take their kids to church, and they choose in their hearts to hate and resent white people and hold on to generational bitterness, etc. I could go on and on, but it should be apparent that NONE of these problems have ANYTHING to do with slavery, Jim Crow. And that none of these many problems are the fault of whites.

I hope we can see the black race start to take responsibility for their, and their children and grandchildren’s problems, and start actually implementing solutions. Based on what I’ve seen in my lifetime, I am not optimistic, and I fear the trend is for things to only get worse. As a white man who attended a black majority middle school, who attended a racially mixed high school, and who has paid keen attention to issues of race in my 46 years on this earth, I’m absolutely sick of being blamed for the problems of the black race in America! I’ve had enough. I’ve been honest and blunt in this post, but these things blacks and whites need to hear. In other words, the bottom line is the black community needs JESUS CHRIST!!!!

As a postscript, just so I’m not accused of being a racist or hating black people, I only wrote this post because I love black people, and wish for them to do better. Both for themselves, and for others who they affect. Anyone in America who goes against the politically correct racial narrative, that blacks are innocent victims and whites are evil racist, and that the solution to racism is CRT, and what advocates call anti-racism – which is really just racism directed against whites, will find themselves out of a job, expelled from university, kicked out of their church, put in Facebook jail, banned from Twitter, or have their voice silenced in other ways. We must not let the bullies silence us. We must speak up and have real conversations about race.

I have a huge number of friends online who are Africans living in Africa. I’ve noticed a very obvious disparity in the behavior of between many blacks living in America, versus many blacks who live in Africa The blacks who live in Africa are strong Christians who are oftentimes persecuted for their faith, they have solid inter-generational families living together, they respect their elders, they are extremely hard working, they are dedicated students, they respect the law including the police, they don’t like rap music, their music and entertainment doesn’t glorify criminal behavior, nor is it misogynistic, and they are very polite and generally just very nice people. My personal experience with blacks in America is totally different. In my entire life I’ve only heard a white person use the N-word one time, whereas I’ve heard numerous blacks use anti-white pejoratives such as “whitey”, “cracker”, “honkey”. I’ve many time personally witnessed black violence directed against whites, very rarely did I see the reverse. I’ve been dismissed as a racist by black people for being a race realist and talking frank about issues of race. So it’s been a decidedly negative experience. I hope that can change. Through Facebook I’ve met some dear black brothers and sisters in Christ who are Americans.

2 responses to “Black America: Many problems, little action”

  1. “This above all else, to thine own self be true, and it will follow as the night before the day you will not be false to any man.” (William Shakespeare)
    The blacks are not being true to themselves! There’s no one to blame but themselves. The morality is disintegrating. The problem is this moral disintegration. It is time to stop blaming everyone but each other! We need to see a return to the church, a return to God

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