Sexual Abuse in the Church

An evangelical pastor, John Lowe II, in Warsaw, Indiana, tried to confess adultery, which happened two decade ago, during a Sunday church service at New Life Christian Church and World Outreach, on May 23rd, 2022, and it goes horribly wrong when the victim reveals she was underage 😳 In fact she was just 16 at the time of the abuse! Prosecutors have opened an investigation. The video of the incident, taken by an attendee, went viral on Facebook.

This victim was extremely brave to get up in front of the entire congregation and share her ordeal. This disgusting, pathetic excuse for a pastor was thinking only of himself. He certainly would have confessed that the victim was underage if he was moved to true biblical repentance. Typical of narcissists, everything is about them, and how they feel, and what’s happening to them.

This disgraced pastor belongs in prison! One thing I noticed about the video, after this monster is revealed to be a sexual abuser of an underage girl, many in the congregation come forward to surround him, and shower him with love, while only one person goes over to help the abuse victims! That is outrageous. We are not to forgive until there has been true repentance, which there clearly wasn’t in this case.

Why is sexual abuse so rampant amongst clergy? It plagues Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants. There seem to be so little holiness and sexual morality in our time. Especially, many of these victims are underage at the time of the abuse. I can’t understand how a grown man can sexually abuse a young girl and not serve even a single day in prison?! Outrageous! Makes my blood boil!!!

This just shows how broken the American Church is. Please watch this documentary film “American Gospel” if you haven’t already. Below is a 1 hour version of the film. To see the complete film you need to purchase it.

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