America: Designed to Fail?

I’ve come to realize that most modern appliances and electronics are actually designed with the intent that they will fail within a certain calculated time span. Anywhere from 3-7 years for fridges and 10-14 at the maximum. This failure is implicit in the design specifications, materials used, manufacturing processes, and is well known to those in upper management. We as consumers have tolerated this for far too long. Our Zenith color TV we purchased in 1980 lasted for 30 years. It used cathode ray tubes. Modern TVs fail after 3-12 years.

There used to be pride in having something Made in America. You knew it was durable, built to last for decades, and that the people who made it took pride in their work. Even as recently as the 1980s this was still evident. When globalism started to really gear up towards the end of the 1980s and beginning of the 1990s most US manufacturing was moved overseas where the regulatory climate, tax laws and significantly cheaper foreign labor was. This is why China now has a larger GDP than America. Although our GDP-per-capita is still larger. India also benefited enormously from outsourcing. And places like Vietnam.

The result is that hardly anything is manufactured in America anymore. From automobiles to PCs, from dining room tables to steel, most of it is now outsourced. Even our drugs are made overseas. Materials and products critical to our infrastructure are no longer available here.

Contrary to popular opinion (media and academia), globalism has not been good for America. One could argue it’s opened up markets to us, but I’d argue those markets were already opening. It has been at far too high a cost. Too high a cost to the blue collar workforce in America. Too high a cost for the cheaply made, engineered to fail products we are now flooded with. And too much lost revenue to the US economy. Our economic growth in recent years has been between 1-2% while China posted between 3-7% in recent years. Since 2020 our economic growth (as % of GDP) has actually been negative! And with another consecutive quarter of 0 growth, or negative growth, it appears we are already in, or will soon be entering another recession. Globalism also makes one country much more dependent on outside countries for economic growth and stability. This is very bad. Lets look, below, at the past 60 years of economic growth of China and America.


Another thing that pains me is the spread of America’s worst sins through globalism: hyper-consumerism, hyper-materialism, secular humanism, abortion on demand, LGBT “rights” [sic], fast food like McDonald’s – which pushes unhealthy food on the world, big box retail like Walmart – which destroys local businesses, degenerate rap music, mindless and degenerate Hollywood entertainment, etc. You could say this is soft imperialism.

If China’s economy goes into a recession it will have far reaching negative consequences for America. As we’ve seen with COVID, the products can’t get from China to America in a timely matter. This was another aspect of globalism, the whole just-in-time (JIT) business model. Where there is a short turnaround time for products reaching America.

With globalism also came the loss of national sovereignty and a push for economic and trade unions such as the European Union (EU). This represents a severe blow to national autonomy. It is a slow, but steady push towards a one world government, as well as a one world religion such as so-called Chrislam (Christianity + Islam). I believe the Beast system of the future will leverage globalism for the Antichrist.

I think we need to focus on supporting and growing nationalism in America, getting behind politicians who put our national interests first, and demanding change, vis a vis our voting. The sad thing is to that both the Republican and Democrat parties have drunk deeply of the poisoned well of globalism. It will take major effort and perseverance to regain our footing. We need to break the gridlock and limited choices of the two-party system. We must reestablish American manufacturing, make sure critical things such as drugs, military hardware, automobiles, clothing, etc. are made here. We need to reeducate voters to value and purchase American goods and services over foreign goods and services. I realize we are more interconnected and more global due to the internet, but countries like China have shown one can maintain national sovereignty, economic growth, manufacturing, and other things while still doing business in global markets. Sadly due to the government in China, which is communist, there is a totalitarian surveillance society straight out of George Orwell’s novel 1984.

Unlike China, America has been a beacon for freedom and democracy. Religious freedom, no state oppression of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, right to privacy, dissent, etc. These are all absent in China today. America should leverage its democratic God-given rights and freedoms and trade with like-minded people. We need to return to an America First posture. We need to restore patriotism in our nation. We need, most importantly, to repent and turn to Christ alone for our salvation! I believe in American exceptionalism. We were founded as a Christian nation, by Christians, for a Christian populace! America has had a tremendous impact on spreading the Gospel around the world, training pastors, building churches, seminaries and universities, and representing Christ, Who is in us. Sadly America has faltered, and lost her way. 65 million babies have been murdered in America in the past 49 years. God has protected and used America mightily to advance His Kingdom. I believe if America continues on it’s steady path towards atheism, non-Christian religions like Islam, degeneracy, sexual immorality, abortion, LGBT values, then God will remove His divine mantle of protection and America will be utterly destroyed.

By the way, my Great Aunt Mary Uram’s (my Pap-pap’s sister) General Electric refrigerator (with freezer) that she purchased in 1950 is still running in my sister Tanya’s house! It has been working for 72 years!! America manufacturing and craftsmanship can be second to none!

2 responses to “America: Designed to Fail?”

  1. Your photo of the refrigerator says it all! What cheap fridge made in China could compare to it?? We need to regain our national pride and invest in American products , goods and services! It has been proven over and over that Chinese merchandise is cheap and shoddy! They are our rivals, not our friends! Let’s hear it for Levi’s, Ford and (like I said) Fridgidaire!


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