Catholicism: A Sinking Ship

Catholicism is slowly, but inexorably imploding from the weight of its considerable theological hubris and widespread immorality.


Some shocking data points:

  • There is widespread immorality among Catholic priests. In “Priests: A Calling in Crisis” Father Andrew Greeley (Professor of Social Sciences, University of Chicago) says over 50% of priests are in heterosexual or homosexual relationships.
  • There is widespread disbelief among the laity. American Pew research reveals that 70% of the American Catholic laity reject the Real Presence. Georgetown university puts it at 63%.
  • 80% of American Catholics do not attend weekly Sunday mass.
  • 67% of American Catholics approve of homosexual “marriage”.
  • 51% of American Catholics approve of abortion.
  • It’s been long known that a majority of Catholic married couples used birth control. The first NSFG survey, which in 1973 was administered only to married women, shows that 66.4 percent of all married Catholic women of child-bearing age at the time used contraception. And that’s just the women, it doesn’t take into account married men who use condoms. According to recent studies, in total, when accounting for married Catholic men and women, 97% of American Catholic couples are in a persistent state of mortal sin because they regularly use forms of birth control that the Catholic church forbids.

These statistics show how heterodoxy (wrong beliefs) leads to heteropraxy (wrong actions).


The various tawdry scandals of the Catholic church in the past 30 years have been well documented in the media. Here are some of them:

  • The scandal of homosexual clerics having sex.
  • Child sexual abuse by clerics (which was apparently covered up by at least 2 popes in modern times, including one who was named a saint by the Catholic church).
  • The discovery of mass graves of children at Catholic-run facilities in Ireland and Canada.
  • The power of the LGBT lobby (aka Lavender Mafia) in the Catholic church.
  • The push for female clerics via Synodal discussions.
  • The closure of tens of thousands of churches around the world due to lack of demand (Catholics not attending church).
  • With the drop in the number of baptisms compared with historic data.
  • The various cases of abuse associated with the Vatican II reforms and Novus Ordo masses.
  • A homosexual orgy at Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio’s apartment.
  • Australian Cardinal George Pell is the highest-ranking member of the Catholic Church to be ever charged with sexual assault.
  • Over 35 years ago, the Vatican bought Weltbild, one of the largest booksellers in Germany. In 2011, the Catholic Church claimed that it was shocked to find out that Weltbild’s massive list of titles included thousands of erotic books (pornography).
  • In 2003, The Boston Globe won a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation into child sex abuse in the Boston area by Roman Catholic priests. The Globe uncovered evidence not only of rampant sex crimes but also of cover-ups by the Church going back decades. Priests who were accused of being child molesters were simply moved from one parish to another. Alternatively, they were placed on “leave” and sent into treatment before being allowed to resume their regular duties.
  • The Catholic church had an interesting topic to discuss during the Papal Conclave of 2013—their recent real estate deal. The Vatican spent approximately $30 million for a share in apartment blocks at 2 Via Carducci in Rome. Several members of the Church have apartments there, including the head of the Congregation for Evangelisation of Peoples, Cardinal Ivan Dias, who lives in a lavish 12-room apartment. In fact, his residence is just a floor above the Vatican’s newest acquisition—the largest gay sauna in Europe. The establishment is called Europa Multiclub and is considered one of the most famous gay hot spots in Italy. Taking advantage of its newfound fame, the sauna advertised “bear nights” using Bruno, a hairy, overweight “pastor of souls” who strips to “expose body and soul” before changing into a priest’s outfit. The press later observed that the Vatican purchased the new property using tax breaks granted by the Berlusconi government. It is now recognized as an official part of the Holy See.
  • Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, has said at the funeral mass of his friend Cardinal Joachim Meisner, that the Catholic church is like a boat “on the verge of capsizing.” The key sentence is  “that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.” It is true the Lord does not abandon His Church, but in no way is the Catholic institutional church the Body of Christ, it is but one part of many of it.

Theological drift

Over the past 1,700+ years since its birth in the 4th century, the Catholic church has steadily accumulated bad theology; it’s added heresy after heresy! This process has been dubbed “doctrinal development” according to Catholic saint and theologian John Henry Newman. It allows the “unchanging” church to add new beliefs, all the while claiming they have an ancient pedigree. Without Sola Scriptura to anchor the church’s beliefs in the strong and unwavering foundation of Scripture, the Catholic church is left adrift in a sea of man-made opinions. The Apostle Paul warned us that even if an angel should preach a different gospel we should ignore them. Since the Council of Trent, in the 16th century, the Catholic church has anathematized the true gospel of salvation by sovereign grace alone through faith alone, according to Scripture alone!


If you’re a Catholic who is disgusted by the scandals, degeneracy, and theological problems in the Catholic church; I urge you to truly repent and believe the true gospel, and become Reformed!

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