French Protestants Massacred by Papists

On August 24th, in 1572, about 70,000 Huguenots (French Protestants) were butchered in the streets of Paris, and other French cities. The elderly, women, and even children were not spared Rome’s Satanic blood lust!!!

Roughly 20 years before, John Calvin wrote to the prisoners held captive in Lyon:

“Remember to lift up your eyes to that everlasting kingdom of Jesus Christ, and to think of whose cause it is in which you fight; for that glance will not only make you overcome all temptations which may spring from the infirmity of your flesh, but will also render you invincible by all the wiles of Satan, whatever he may devise to darken God’s truth,–for I am well assured, that it is by His grace you are so settled and grounded, that you do not walk at a venture, but that you can say with that valiant champion of Jesus Christ, I know in whom I have believed.”

John Calvin, July 7th, 1553

Full letter:

The French Huguenots were told to renounce their Protestant and ancient faith and embrace the innovations of Rome, and they would be let free. 70,000 were killed in one week because they would not. They feared God alone, worshiped him only, and rested in him alone for their salvation.

The Romish church has killed millions of martyrs (mainly Protestants), who refused to submit to her errant theology! We must never forget our brothers and sisters. Rome forgot that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. The Protestants in the world now number nearly 1 billion!! What Papists thought they could annihilate, God used for good and prospered and multiplied His children!

Many of the Huguenots who survived sought refuge in other nations, including many who made America their home!


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