Federal Vision theology is heterodox

Referencing this article: https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/will-we-be-finally-saved-by-faith-alone

Piper seems to say that our justification (grounding) is delayed until we die and face a final judgment; whereby we are judged by our faithfulness (good works). He doesn’t use the exact same terminology that many FV (Federal Vision) adherents use, yet he seems to be articulating the same concepts.

I believe FV is an egregious heresy. It is closer to Papist theology than historic Reformed theology. Can you imagine John Owen reading these FV statements? He would be absolutely appalled, as should we! I would break fellowship over someone holding to FV. It is another false gospel.

Doug Wilson has some good things to say, and his CREC churches have some faithful believers. But I believe he is dead wrong on justification. By embracing the heresy of Federal Vision (he now eschews that exact terminology, yet still teaches exactly what FV teaches so nothing has changed), Wilson and anyone who holds to FV is in gross theological error and are formal heretics.

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