Woke and Theologically Broke

Sadly, in recent years, there has been an explosion in wokeness; which is defined by Critical Race Theory (CRT), social justice, intersectionality, progressive Christianity, etc. Wokeness is Marxist, explicitly racist (they teach hatred for white people, and those white people should be penalized in various ways for their whiteness), and Satanic – as it pits Christian against Christian, and seeks to divide society and the Church based on skin pigmentation. The most well-known woke organization in America is BLM (Black Lives Matter).

Woke adherents like to call themselves “antiracists”. This term may seem innocuous, maybe even positive, but it is code for supporting a virulently racist set of beliefs that would openly discriminate against white people. The seminal book on anti-racism is How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. This book is the most explicitly racist book I’ve ever seen since the 1940s, with some of the Nazi books against the Jews. Kendi’s absolute hatred for white people and his desire to punish/correct them is truly horrifying.

Racism against black people, or any racial group, is clearly wrong, but the solution isn’t massive discrimination against white people. Kendi is an angry black man looking for outright revenge. His proposals would make the lives of white people miserable. I pray God quickens repentance and faith in him. He is hell bound. I urge you to read his book to see just how truly evil wokeness is. Antiracists like Kendi don’t want black people to be treated fairly based on merit, he believes they deserve every type of positive discrimination you can think of from reparations, affirmative action, hiring quotas, and bank loans to name a few. I also strongly recommend you read Reformed pastor (a black man) Voddie Baucham’s excellent book on all things woke Fault Lines.

It’s truly sad that our children and grandchildren are being taught woke ideology in public schools, even in elementary schools!

Tragically, woke ideology has made such deep inroads in society and advanced so quickly, that it’s now to the point in America, that in academia, the military, and Big Business, if one questions the woke narrative they can be kicked out of school, fired from their job, dishonorably discharged from the military, etc. The tools of the woke movement are fear and intimidation. They are just another variety of bullies. If you boldly oppose wokeness you will be branded a racist. They know education is the key to defeating wokeness so they seek to silence opposition.

The woke movement started in academia. It quickly spread into Reformed seminaries and now there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of woke churches led by woke pastors who graduated from those seminaries. The woke infestation has been particularly bad in PCA churches.

Many once solidly orthodox Reformed pastors and professors have now gone woke and are using their bully pulpits to convince other Reformed believers to also go woke.

Two of the biggest names to go woke are Tim Keller and Michael Horton. They have both said or written truly cringe-worthy stuff in recent years. Much of it appears on the popular website The Gospel Coalition, which is now the hub of the popular Reformed woke movement. Keller has long been a darling of the popular Reformed world. And Horton, professor at Westminster California, editor of Modern Reformation Magazine, and co-host of the popular podcast The White Horse Inn, is equally well known. His book on systematic theology is used in many seminaries.

Here is an audio clip where you hear, a cohost with Michael Horton (who has been woke since a few years back) tells Christian pastors that by preaching the truth of Scripture concerning LGBT behavior they are driving LGBT to commit suicide! Horton agrees with his cohost and says to Christian pastors that they should treat LGBT sins the same as all other sins. All sin is damning, but Scripture is clear there is a hierarchy of sins and God counts some as more heinous than others. Also, there are different temporal consequences to sin. Scripture is clear that homosexual behavior is an “abomination” and it’s considered so bad that under Mosaic Law the penalty for homosexual sin was death. Horton would have us treat homosexual sin the same as a 5-year-old girl telling her mother a lie! This false equivalency is dangerous and heretical.

The pastors Horton and his cohost are calling out are not pastors of churches like the Westboro Baptist Church, which preaches “God Hates Fags”. He’s talking about orthodox Reformed pastors preaching the undiluted truth of Scripture in love. Horton would have us conform to the prevalent Satanic culture just to appease men and not risk homosexuals committing suicide. The truth is that the most loving thing you can do is share the Gospel and preach Biblical truth concerning sexual morality. If someone is about to drive their car off a cliff because they don’t realize there’s a cliff around the next corner, the most loving thing you could do is to warn them before it’s too late!

This article is further evidence of Horton’s doctrinal drift.

One of my Facebook friends, a Reformed believer, said I slandered Horton and bore false witness against him by discussing the LGBT incident on the podcast. The simple fact is, I never slandered the man. Saying the truth is not slander. But in the popular Reformed world, too many have their favorite Celebrity Pastors/Professors they improperly adulate and idolize! REPENT!


In my experience, once a pastor or professor goes woke it’s a slow, but steady decline. Expect more heresy from Keller and Horton sadly! I call both of them to genuine repentance, to renounce all things woke, and return to teaching the orthodoxy they once taught.

And let me be very clear: the woke movement, as I said earlier, is absolutely Satanic! It teaches another [false] gospel. It sows discord and deep division in the body of Christ, and it propagates hate toward white people. We must actively oppose it and utterly crush it.

Here is a YouTube video that discusses the latest Horton incident in depth.

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