Saul’s Conversion

Can God use the persecution of Christians for the good of bringing nonbelievers to Christ?  Christians would know the right answer is yes, yet many would not be persecuted if they don’t have to be. 

In this classic booklet, famous preacher and Reformed English evangelist George Whitefield (he was the most famous preacher of his time in Britain as well as America) wrote us something encouraging and edifying with a look at Saul, and how God changed this man that persecuted the church to become an Apostle and incredible Gospel preacher name Paul. He focuses the attention of the reader on the grace of Jesus Christ to a persecutor of His church, Saul. This redeemed man who would be brought to conversion by Christ, who preached the very gospel which he had formerly persecuted, is a testimony to the truth that, in the words of Whitefield, “For all that we know to the contrary, some of those very persons, who are now persecuting, may be chosen from all eternity by God, and hereafter called in time, to edify and build up the church of Christ.”

While George Whitefield delivered us his words hundreds of years ago (he lived from 1714 to 1770); I think what he has to say is relevant for 21st Century believers as the world gets more secular and persecution of Christians is on the rise worldwide.

This booklet is available for free as an ebook (PDF) from Chapel Library.

You may also purchase it as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.

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