The Reformed view of salvation

Salvation is utterly an act of God
Man has no part
God chose the Elect before the world began
We were selected, not on merit, from the start

The natural man is totally depraved
Due to original sin from Adam’s Fall
We have hearts of stone
We can’t respond to a Gospel call

Apart from God
Man would lay dead in his sin
We are first regenerated
That is how faith can come in

The Holy Spirit grants us repentance
And faith too
These are all irresistible gifts
Which we cannot eschew

It’s all sovereign grace
That’s what makes possible salvation
We are born again
And saved from eternal perdition

The essential thing
The sine qua non
Is unmerited grace
Without it, our salvation is forgone

Christ’s atonement won us eternal life
By conquering death and sin
He secured our victory
The sinless Lamb of God, our propitiation

In Christ, we are more than conquerors
We need not fear the grave
So when Satan attacks
Let us be brave

by Zachary Uram
(c) 2022

One response to “The Reformed view of salvation”

  1. That’s an excellent poem you wrote about Jesus and our salvation! Good job explaining a difficult subject! I’m really impressed!


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