Jeffrey Dahmer is my brother in Christ

God granted notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer repentance and faith!!

At the 23:30 mark is Dahmer’s short testimony of salvation, from his interview with Stone Philips.

Also, note the two letters he wrote below. Dahmer was able to be baptized before being cruelly murdered by another inmate! GLORY TO GOD NO ONE IS SO EVIL THAT THEY CAN NOT BE REDEEMED BY CHRIST!

You are no better than Dahmer. There are no good or bad people. We are all bad! Our hearts are desperately wicked Scripture tells us. We are totally depraved in our fallen natural state. Only through being born again are we given a new nature.

If you cannot join me in rejoicing at Dahmer’s salvation then you better examine your heart to see if you yourself are regenerated!

Please avoid the new Netflix TV series “DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”. It is sensationalistic agenda-driven garbage! It mocks Jeffrey’s faith and portrays his new faith as insincere.

It should be noted that Dahmer suffers from mental illness. He has psychopathy as well as ASPD (antisocial personality disorder). But praise God the Lord healed him!!

I find it very interesting that Dahmer said the motivation behind his heinous crimes was the fact that he had been taught the evolution of the species and in his words, we were just evolved from “slime”, so there was no true and objective basis for morality. He gave in to these evil urges. By the way, he’s not the first serial killer to cite evolutionary belief as a motivation for their crimes.

Jeffrey Dahmer made a credible profession of faith, he obeyed the Lord by being baptized, he expressed sincere remorse for his crimes, and those who knew him best, including Christian pastors, said he showed fruits of repentance and saving faith. That’s as good as it gets in terms of fruit inspection (which we aren’t supposed to be doing anyways). I am very sorry for his victims’ families and friends. But Jeffrey heard the Gospel and God called him to repentance and faith! And I look forward to meeting him in Heaven! Hallelujah! No one is so wicked that they are beyond Christ’s redeeming sovereign grace.

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