Ukraine and American Interventionism

Once again we see neoconservatives and neoliberals pushing for an all-out war between Russia and America. This is sheer insanity and utter folly. America is not the world’s police. Have we learned nothing in the past 50 years? American interventionism has cost us trillions of dollars, and thousands of American lives, it’s generated lots of ill will and made enemies of countries who could have been allies. This is not just a Republican or Democrat problem. Both parties have engaged in reckless interventionism.

Do we really need hundreds of military bases around the world? There are roughly 750 US foreign military bases; they are spread across 80 nations. Our bloated nearly $1 trillion per year Dept. of Defense budget dwarfs the defense spending of every other country in the world by a lot! When is the last time America was invaded?! We should only support defensive wars and our defense budget should be a fraction of what it is.

Ukraine clearly provoked Russia into a wider conflict and forced Putin to take military action to defend the Russians in the Donbas. Since 2014 Ukraine killed thousands of Russians including not just separatist forces, but also civilians. It was a CIA backed coup that toppled the pro-Russia president of Ukraine which made this action in the Donbas possible.

Since January 24th of this year, the Biden administration has spent over $52 billion on Ukraine. Currently, Biden is requesting Congress that we spend an additional $37.7 billion on Ukraine. This is madness. We spend nearly $100 billion on a European conflict while the EU has only spent around $15 billion! This is not our problem. We have no business being involved in this conflict. The money we are pumping into the war is only prolonging the conflict and ensuring that more Ukrainians and Russians die.

Historically Ukraine has belonged to greater Russia. It was only in modern times that Lenin set the current borders of Ukraine.

It is foolish to antagonize Russia. The Biden administration could provoke World War 3 which would almost certainly involve the use of nuclear weapons. The cold war between the Soviet Union and America ended nearly 30 years ago with the break up of the Soviet Union. Russia is not our enemy! I see clearly how the Western media is being used to push anti-Russian propaganda. It is disgusting. Yet the majority of unthinking and uninformed Westerners are not even consciously aware of this bias and brainwashing they’ve been subjected to by the media.

Why are we spending nearly $1 trillion per year on defense when we have a huge problem of homelessness (including many veterans), millions of Americans are on food stamps and we know many children in America go to bed hungry. That money could be better allocated to help the poor in America and speaking personally the amount of money America spends per capita on the mentally ill is pitiful compared to Western European countries. My friend in Canada is on disability, like me, for mental illness and he gets over $2,000 per year more than me. You try living on $1,000 per month as your sole source of income and see how well you fare. As a conservative, it upsets me greatly that the majority of my fellow conservatives have little or no concern for poverty in America and especially those suffering from mental illness. Yet they hypocritically had no problem with trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy which the Trump administration pushed through.

Even though I don’t agree with President Trump on every policy issue I think he would manage our relationship with Russia far better than Biden and would end our involvement in Ukraine. I will support whoever the Republican party’s nominee is for president. I think either Trump or Florida governor DeSantis would fight for American interests.

Please urge your elected officials, whether they be local, state, or federal, to spend more money fighting poverty and to increase funding for critical social programs like SSI, SSDI, and food stamps.

One response to “Ukraine and American Interventionism”

  1. Despite my great respect for the autor, I could say only one thing everything in this article is wrong from the top to the bottom. This is the Russia who wages the war in ukraine since 2014 and this is the Russia pushes towards a greater war with NATO and so on.This is an imperial imperative of taking everything around. Yes, the America IS A WORLD POLICE since it is still the most powerfull superpower on this planet. Otherwise, the world would be the same brothel as it was before the WW1 or WW2. With the same consequences. Thanks to this interventionism, there wasn’t ww3, and only minor wars occurred here and there. The great similarity to those times of between WW1and WW2 was the attitude of western Europe leaders and their policy of appraisement considering to the Russia. The results were the same, by the way. No, you can’t isolate America from the world. The greater the empire, the bigger it’s vital zone of comfort/influence. If the US abandons it, it would diminish to the status of big, but weak and wealthy country, ready to be exploited by the remaining, real superpowers, such as China. Per analogiam, you Americans have a 1meter zone of privacy in your culture. Now , imagine a fat, wealthy gal, walking defenceless through the bad area, and a few thugs entering this zone, then raping her and robbing her finally. There was at least one superpower thot lost everything due to its isolationism. A Chinese empire adopted isolationism, and few centuries later, in nineteenth century it was powerless, defenceless and ready for brutal colonisation and economical exploitation. Such a fate for the US is a wet dream for China. Now regarding the Ukraine. The autor repeats the theses of the Russian propaganda. No, Ukraine (Kievan Rus) is much older than the Russia (Moscovite Dutchy) itself. Ukrainians a very different nation (btw. it’s ancestry are Ruthenians and Poles, not Russians. They were just about entering the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, as a third partner nation. But the Pereiaslav agreement occured and everything has been screwed up. By the way i wonder White konserwa tears in United States repeater time after time to Russian propaganda and White on off today belive the Russia is the sentinal of the concertis values. I think about this question a lot but I’m not able to figure it out why on earth it happens.


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