Politics in America: Destructive, Divisive and Demonic

The following is a discussion I had today with a friend on Facebook. She is a Reformed believer.

I initially posted:

I’m absolutely disgusted by politics! I refuse to waste another second of my life discussing Republicans or Democrats! With the Republican support in Congress for the so-called same-sex marriage bill, the bill was able to pass and Biden will sign it into law! This is a total abomination and mockery of God’s law!! Republicans and Democrats have more in common than they do differences! All politics is a corrupt and dirty business predicated on greed, deceit, selfish interests, and deception! Every single Senator is either a millionaire or is very wealthy!! Politicians are pathological liars!! The vast majority of them are more concerned with their personal accumulation of wealth and power than they are with the interests of most Americans!! I’m also thoroughly disgusted with the media and their machinations with politics! Big money has had a horrible and corrosive effect on our political process! It has poisoned everything!! I see so few politicians who genuinely care about the interests of poor people like myself. We’re not even on their radar!! Another aspect of American politics I’m sick of is the hyper-partisan nature of discourse, debate, and behavior. Politicians treat their opponents as enemies to be destroyed. FROM NOW ON, DO NOT BRING UP POLITICS WITH ME ON MY TIMELINE OR IN PERSONAL MESSAGES!! And before anyone says Trump is different, I personally witnessed him thanking the LGBT community for their support, and how he supports their ”rights”!! This same-sex marriage bill was the last straw. I’ve reached my limit! Also, political discussion raises my blood pressure which is already too high!!

She replied:

Next, I responded:

You are not respecting my opinion. Please don’t try to invalidate my life experiences. I’ve lived in abject poverty my entire life, for 47 years! I also paid attention closely to the news during that time. I listened and read what politicians said and promised to do once elected. You don’t see it as a problem that the poor and middle class have virtually NO representation in our entire Senate? Scripture is clear that wealth is a great burden and a great hindrance to living for Christ alone. Yes, there are some great wealthy Christians, but they are the exception, not the rule. Also, you must understand how detrimental Big Money has been to our political process. It has poisoned it. Things have not always been this way in America. What I have also noticed is virtually every Representative and Senator leaves office substantially wealthier than when they took office. If you don’t think that reflects poorly on the state of politics in America, then I can’t help you. I never said all politicians are evil, or that all wealthy politicians are evil. Please don’t strawman me. The mainstream media is also part of the problem. They feed into the hyper-partisanship of politics. There has been very little coverage of issues that would enhance my life as a poor person, compared to the coverage and positive media attention given to programs like the trillion dollars of tax cuts for the richest Americans which Trump saw through. They make laws that personally enrich their own wealth and power. It is not government by the people, for the people. It’s now government by the lobbyists, corporate interests, and wealthy politicians for themselves! I am just totally disgusted by politics now in America. Nearly 50 years is long enough. It is outrageous for you to accuse me of slander. I did not slander anyone. I stated objective FACTS. I do speak with grace, by saying that you have just in fact slandered me!!

5 responses to “Politics in America: Destructive, Divisive and Demonic”

  1. The main reason why We have such problems with American politicians and Politics as a whole is the lack of oversight by the people who are supposed to be watching, and keeping track of those who represent them. Politics was not supposed to be a career. Even George Washington wanted to leave after his 1st term. He reluctantly served another, But then left To go back to Mount Vernon. We need to keep our representatives honest. If we don’t, It’s almost the guarantee that Something will go wrong.


  2. I agree with what you said Zak! The corruption is unbelievable! You are stating the facts! It is not just an opinion that the government is run by greed and power! I have seen the politicians lie nonstop! And they slander each other during election season! It’s just awful! The poor are unrepresented! And yes there are a lot of poor people in America! Especially now during this time of inflation! The government needs to take care of its people not just be obsessed with raking in money for their own benefit!


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