Free Time

I’m glad I’m not busy. I was busy enough when I was younger. I’m enjoying my time of rest and relaxation that God has given me.

My favorite thing to do is to stay at home. I don’t like leaving home unless it’s an absolute necessity.

I see most men my age are so busy they don’t even have time to think. I have no deadlines or tasks I must complete. I am not beholden to a boss.

I believe time is the most precious commodity we have. By that reckoning, I’m a very rich man! Thank You, Jesus!

If I want to spend 8-10 hours reading or 6 hours watching movies I can do it. I don’t have to wake up early. I’m very content with my life and I thank God for it!!

I feel sorry for adults who have no time for leisure. Slavishly toiling away each day the best years of their life just to make someone else rich! NO THANK YOU!

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